Microsoft Purview Information Protection

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Safeguard your sensitive data – wherever it’s stored and whoever it’s shared with. All while enabling your staff to still get the job done!


Discover, classify, and secure sensitive information with Microsoft Purview Information Protection.

Today’s remote working world has blurred organisational boundaries – demands for anytime, anywhere access, and the exponential growth of collaboration tools, has muddled many organisations’ security controls.

Getting the balance right between user productivity and safeguarding your sensitive information has never been more challenging.

Microsoft Purview Information Protection lets you take charge of your information without adding blanket, restrictive controls – all while allowing users to keep doing their jobs.

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47% of organisations struggle to balance security with ease of use.

Raconteur Cybersecurity Report 2020

To protect your data, you must understand it

The first step to protecting your information is knowing what you have stored, where. Once you’ve got visibility over sensitive data, Microsoft Purview Information Protection gives you the controls to keep it safe.

Microsoft Purview Information Protection helps you:

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    Achieve full visibility of your information – what it is, where it is, and who is accessing it

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    Apply the appropriate classification and protection based on a document’s sensitivity level

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    Ensure only authorised users can access your information – wherever it moves or resides

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    Reduce the risk of sensitive data leaks through preventative controls and user education

Is your sensitive data out of control?

GDPR and other compliance standards have made information protection a priority for every business.


Your challenges:

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Inability to track information across emails, networks, cloud services, and SaaS apps.

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Unable to apply effective safeguards and security controls without blocking users who need access.

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No idea of what information is being shared outside your organisation – let alone who is accessing it.

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The threat of a breach and a fine is real – with no visibility or control of file access, sharing, and usage.

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Complete control – wherever it is and however it’s shared

Microsoft Purview Information Protection has everything you need to build secure, compliant, and flexible controls that are effective across on-premises, SaaS apps, cloud, and third-party services.

You’ll benefit from:

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Machine learning

Identify and classify sensitive data in files and messages using trainable classifiers, out-of-the-box and custom identifiers, or exact data match capabilities.

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Data loss prevention

Stop or minimise inappropriate sharing of sensitive content in documents and messages across Microsoft 365 services – block untrusted users without impacting the people who need access.

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Persistent protection

Document and message encryption, powered by Azure Rights Management Services, travels with the original item wherever it resides or is sent.

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Easy administration

One admin. console to configure and manage your policies and view monitoring analytics – you’ll know when information is accessed, by whom, and what they’re doing with it.

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Seamless integration

Sensitivity labelling and protection can be applied across Office apps, Microsoft 365, and other Microsoft services, including Power BI, Edge, and Windows.

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Extendable options

Ability to extend protection to popular non-Microsoft apps and services – you can even leverage data classifications within your in-house applications!

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