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Embrace the power of the Cloud to deliver projects faster, more efficiently, at lower cost, and to greater reward.

Solving your digital transformation challenges is our profession.

The old ways of doing business are over. For professional service organisations, the pressure’s on to deliver quality, speed, and accuracy – and to do it all digitally.

The accelerated speed and digital delivery expectations of today’s clients can be difficult to meet without the appropriate technology in place to make it happen.

And it’s not just clients who want an improved digital experience. Talented employees are exercising more mobility than ever by seeking out remote working opportunities for professional service organisations who have embraced cloud technologies to transform the way they operate.

Some view these as challenges. At Kocho, we see only opportunity. We’ll help you adopt cutting-edge Microsoft technologies, shaped by our expertise, to improve your employee experience, transform your business processes, and change how you deliver your services for the better.

Invest in a modern digital experience to keep ahead of the competition

Pen and paper won’t cut it when it comes to delivering projects faster, more efficiently, and within tighter budgets.


Your challenges:

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High expectations

Both clients and employees demand an agile way of working that can be delivered virtually.

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Complex projects

Projects are growing in scope and complexity – requiring advanced levels of digital collaboration.

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Increasing competition

New entrants can offer efficient digital services, often at lower cost due to automated processes.

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Outdated systems

Disparate, disconnected systems make gathering and managing information a slow and painful process.

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Need help?

Book FREE Discovery Call today. And start your journey to great, secure professional services

A short Discovery Call is an opportunity to discuss your professional services challenges with an award-winning Microsoft partner.

You’ll discover:

  • Solutions for your industry’s unique challenges
  • Cutting-edge tech to make your job easier
  • Ways to deliver projects fast and efficiently
  • How to keep costs down and quality high
  • Microsoft licensing and funding options
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88% of companies in the professional services industry plan to adopt cloud computing by 2025.

World Economic Forum, 2020

Deliver a standout service powered by the Cloud

Take advantage of all that Microsoft’s cloud technologies have to offer and realise your full potential. We’ll work with you to improve your project management, processes, staff morale, and user experience to ensure you maintain your competitive edge.

We can help you:

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Modernise access management

Easily manage access privileges for employees, partners, and clients. Provide secure access to documents and data from anywhere in the world.

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Operate securely

Gain the ability to detect and mitigate threats fast – so you can focus on delivering a secure service that your clients and staff can trust.

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Prove compliance

Protect and govern your sensitive data wherever it goes. Put the policies and controls in place to meet your specific compliance requirements

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Become data-driven

Establish fully integrated systems to help you centralise, track, analyse, and visualise your data. Make informed decisions acting on the very latest information.

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Increase productivity

Efficient virtual working and delivery, coupled with advanced AI and machine learning improvements, will help you act faster and smarter.

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Keep running smoothly

Our extensive range of Managed Services will keep you operating at peak performance and offer expert support as and when you need it.

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It’s clear that they care about us as a company and with what we are doing and spending. That’s shone through.

Fidelity International

Ready to become greater?

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  • Easily protect identities, devices, and data
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