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Empower your company with efficient operations, enhanced customer service, and sustainable growth. Learn how our expertise can drive your Utilities business to new heights.

Supercharge your utilities operations with Kocho’s specialised solutions.

Utilities are defined by intricate challenges, from managing expansive infrastructure to meeting stringent regulations.

On top of that, your organisation is tasked with powering society while adapting to a rapidly changing landscape.

We understand the complexity of these demands.

That’s why we’ve developed solutions to help you address them directly and navigate this dynamic industry with confidence.

We empower you to excel in this ever-evolving environment with:

  • Automation to streamline tasks and improve efficiency.
  • Increased customer engagement and satisfaction.
  • Developing sustainable and innovative solutions.

Transforming utilities challenges into opportunities

In the Utilities sector, numerous challenges require your focus – from balancing infrastructure maintenance and expansion to navigating shifting regulations.


Your challenges:

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Infrastructure management

Balancing maintenance, upgrades, and expansion while ensuring uninterrupted service.

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Regulatory compliance

Navigating a complex landscape of regulations and standards to maintain compliance.

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Customer expectations

Meeting the increasing demand for seamless interactions and timely information.

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Sustainability demands

Adapting to the call for cleaner energy sources and more environmentally friendly practices.

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Discuss the challenges of utilities with an award-winning Microsoft partner.

You’ll discover:

  • Solutions for your business’ unique challenges
  • Cutting-edge tech to make your job easier
  • Sustainable resource management innovations
  • Improved customer experience and engagement
  • Microsoft licensing and funding options
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84% of utilities leaders have embraced Cloud SaaS to make operations more nimble, scalable, drive remote and hybrid models, and increase productivity.

Accenture, Future Systems Research

Energising your utilities transformation

At Kocho, we understand that utilities isn’t just about providing essential services — it’s about powering progress. Our solutions are designed to help you navigate the challenges of the industry and embrace opportunities for growth, sustainability, and excellence.


We can help you with:

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Smart infrastructure

Utilise cutting-edge technologies to optimise your infrastructure.

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Staying compliant

Stay in control with tools that simplify compliance with regulations and reporting.

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Satisfied customers

Enhance customer satisfaction by providing tailored experiences and self-service options.

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Sustainable innovation

Embrace renewable energy solutions and eco-friendly practices to drive a greener future.

Tailored solutions for powering progress

From smart infrastructure management to customer engagement enhancements, our services are designed to propel you forward. Our commitment to innovation ensures you receive solutions that are as unique as your challenges.

Our services cover:

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Infrastructure optimisation

Enhance and maintain your IT infrastructure for seamless and efficient operations.

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Customer experience enhancement

Delight customers with seamless interactions, personalised communication, and self-service options.

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Compliance and regulation

Navigate the complex regulatory landscape with ease, ensuring compliance and transparency.

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Sustainable practices

Embrace sustainability by seamlessly integrating eco-friendly solutions into your IT operations.

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Data-driven insights

Utilise data analytics to make informed decisions and enhance overall operational efficiency.

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I am extremely happy with the quality and professionalism of the work that Kocho have delivered to us. Looking forward to working with the team again in the future.

Wai Li

Modern Workplace Architect, NatWest Group

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