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Identity Governance solutions

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Streamline your processes and take the strain away from meeting your compliance obligations.

Enable secure remote access to your cloud services with identity governance and administration (IGA).

With the rapid adoption of cloud services, many organisations are facing challenges related to identity governance.

The increasing number of users, devices, and access points pose significant security and compliance risks.

We offer a comprehensive Identity Governance solution that lets you regain control of your data, applications, and external users.

By leveraging risk-based policies and intelligent access management, we ensure you:

  • Gain control of data, applications, privileged access, and external users.
  • Secure sensitive data with risk-based policies and alerts.
  • Comply with data privacy and security regulations while meeting audit requirements.

Access isn’t always a privilege

How do you provide a diverse user base with fast access, without compromising security?


Your challenges:

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Inappropriate access

Proliferation of internal and external accounts with excessive access levels for their specific duties.

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Lack of visibility

Generic access rights and privileges make it easy for people to take advantage – with no way for you to know.

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Reputational risk

Lack of control encourages misuse of access – discouraging customers and investors.

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Cost control

IT staff wasting time on manual tasks and managing more licences than you need.

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A clear pathway

Book your Entra ID Discovery & Roadmapping Workshop

Understand how to achieve more efficient, secure, and cost-effective identity and access management.

This is your opportunity to:

  • Understand the gaps and challenges costing your organisation time and money.
  • Gain a strategy that aligns identity management with your long-term business goals.
  • Design an affordable solution that mitigates security risks and improves user experiences.
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44% of enterprise organisations lack confidence in the compliance of their user access practices.

Ponemon Institute's Global Trends in Identity Governance & Access Management report

Make sure that only the right people have access to your business

We believe that identity governance and administration should work like magic.

We build the systems and controls that make it easy for your customers, employees, and partners to access the resources they need.

While making it impossible for anyone else.


You’ll benefit from:

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Data security suite

Gain control of your data, applications, privileged access, and external users.

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Risk-based policies

Secure customer, financial, and other sensitive data with risk-based policies and alerts

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Compliance and auditing solution

Comply with the latest data privacy and security regulations, and audit requirements.

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Cost-effective SaaS management

Save money, automate tasks, and keep your SaaS SKU licencing costs under control.

A comprehensive identity governance solution tailored to your needs

We’ll enable you to reduce threats, keep your workforce productive, and ensure compliance with regulations such as GDPR.

Our solutions take care of:


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Advanced tools for segregation of duties, birthright access provisioning, and intelligent access requests. Approvals based on risk, peer analytics, and privileged access management (PAM).

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Consistent access and compliance rules across cloud estates and enterprise applications, both on-premises and cloud-based.

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Dashboards and analytics to gain a complete, single view of application and data access.

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Rule/role management

Intelligent role mining capability enables analysis of users without assigned roles, as well as existing roles per application or user.

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Featured technology

An integrated mix of governance platforms

Our cloud and on-premises solutions are built using leading identity and governance platforms: Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM), Microsoft Entra ID and Entra ID Governance.

Together, they provide a powerful blend of analytics-driven provisioning and compliance capabilities – spanning identities, applications, and infrastructure.

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The thing that stands out about Kocho is their level of professionalism and the experience they have in identity and access management. They are market leaders and that really shows.

Stuart Purkiss-Webb

Infrastructure Architect, Aviva


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Case Studies

Who we've helped

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Governing access and securing data for a leading chip manufacturer


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Financial services juggernaut overhauls records management system and strengthens its compliance posture


The complete guide to Microsoft Entra ID

Master Microsoft Identity. Grab your free 34-page guide and discover tools that:

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  • Reduce data breach risk by 45%
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