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Feel confident in your cloud security. Identify threats, prevent attacks, and ensure secure access across your organisation’s cloud-based applications.


Moving your business into the cloud unlocks unlimited potential for growth. But this can all be undone by a poor cloud security posture. 

Without the right protection, your network provides an open door for ransomware, phishing attacks, compromised users, rogue applications, and high-risk usage.

Leaving your business vulnerable to devastating financial losses, fewer customers, a ruined reputation, and crippling legal repercussions.

With our cloud security solutions, we provide the peace of mind to help your business flourish. Helping you:

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    Keep your data secure and protected across your cloud environment.

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    Stay protected from cyber threats, unusual behaviour, and compromised users.

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    Meet your regulatory and compliance obligations with ease.


Organisations who suffered data breaches from cloud misconfigurations.


Companies who've experienced at least one cloud security incident in the past year.


Companies who report better cloud security led to faster application and feature deployments.

Feeling lost in the clouds?

We know managing your cloud environment, and cloud-based apps, can be a challenge.


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Poor visibility

Do you lack insight and a clear view of your current cloud security posture? Unsure where you’re vulnerable?

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Threat detection

Concerned that attacks are being missed, or misconfigurations are going unchecked?

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Data breaches

What measures have you applied to stop data from falling into the wrong hands? How is data transferred, viewed, and shared?

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Application risks

Are you at risk of compromise or attack from third-party applications? How are you protecting your network?

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Compliance challenges

Can you easily locate and secure your cloud-based data? Or are you risking non-compliance penalties?

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Shadow IT

Are you at risk from unauthorised app usage? How can you stay aware of all apps in use across your organisation?


Watch 3-minute Security Posture Assessment Demo

Identify hidden threats and prioritise security risks.

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We apply industry-leading Microsoft technology to help your business meet its security and compliance requirements. Providing unrivalled protection, visibility and peace of mind.

Get more clarity and control over your cloud security

Our expert team can provide everything you need to protect your data, maximise security, and stay ahead of compliance challenges.

While allowing your team to work and collaborate to maximum effect.


We can help you:

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Improve security posture

Identify and rectify vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

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Protect sensitive data

Classify and protect sensitive data across your cloud environment.

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Detect sophisticated attacks

Detect and protect against cyber attacks and malicious activity.

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Manage all apps

Apply automated processes for real-time control of your cloud apps.

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Meet compliance obligations

Ensure you meet regulatory requirements and industry standards

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Improve visibility

Simplify cloud security management by bringing all data into a single view.


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As a trusted Microsoft partner, we help you take advantage of world-leading security solutions that keep your cloud activity protected, compliant, and running at optimum efficiency.


Mat Richards

Head of Security, Kocho

Comprehensive cloud security solutions to keep your business safe

Cloud security is complex. You have unique challenges. We specialise in providing peace of mind. Cloud security solutions that keep your business protected.

Our solutions include:


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Cloud risk assessment

Identify and mitigate risks associated with your cloud environment.

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Cloud security architecture

We help you design and implement a robust cloud security architecture that aligns with best practices and industry standards.

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Cloud compliance

Ensure compliance with relevant regulatory standards and frameworks.

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Cloud monitoring and incident response

We’ll monitor and respond to potential security incidents in real-time to reduce the impact of security threats.

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Cloud security consulting

We provide expert advice on cloud security best practices, including threat intelligence, vulnerability management, and cloud security training.

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The Security Posture Assessment has helped us immensely to visualise what is important and prioritise accordingly. The result has been a continuous delivery of enhancements to our security.

Paul Mathanaraja

Head of Infrastructure

Want to enhance your security?

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