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Is your business cyber safe? Find out with a Security Posture Assessment

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Identify threats, reduce your risk, and stay ahead of security and compliance curveballs.

The cyber security threat has never been greater. The potential cost to organisations?

Never higher. 

As attacks continue to increase in frequency and sophistication, so networks continue to expand. Adding complexity with each new device, location, or cloud application.

Are you confident you’re as secure as you need to be?

Don’t leave your security to chance and guess work.

With our security posture assessment (SPA) you'll be able to:

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    Identify and analyse risks, and prioritise critical fixes via your personalised dashboard

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    Evaluate security against CIS benchmarks and the MITRE ATT&CK framework

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    Communicate risks clearly to C-Suite, and make smarter decisions

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    Meet compliance and accreditation requirements with ease

Watch 3-minute Security Posture Assessment Demo

See for yourself how a Security Posture Assessment helps you prioritise security risks and keeps you compliant.

Watch 3-minute demo.


Investments rejected for failure to articulate risk or prove ROI


Companies who list compliance as a key challenge


Cloud security issues caused by error or misconfiguration


Businesses who did not know they had been hacked

Make sense of a complex security landscape

Whether CISO, security leader, or compliance officer, the path to good security posture has some challenging obstacles along the way.

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Increased complexity

Cloud applications, remote work, and an increase in mobile devices adds complexity to your security measures.

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Keeping an eye on threats

With so many moving parts, having visibility over every threat is hard. Where do you even start?

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Not enough capacity to cope

With a talent shortage in the industry, it’s a challenge to find and retain the right people as workloads increase.

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Keeping up with new risks

Trying to stay ahead of the hackers and keep up with increasingly sophisticated attacks can sometimes feel hopeless.

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Increasing compliance queries

Compliance regulations are becoming increasingly stringent, and it’s becoming all too easy to fall foul of them.

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Communication barriers

Key stakeholders don’t support you because they don’t understand the true impact of your security challenges.


Get more clarity with your personalised dashboard

Your easy-to-navigate dashboard provides the information needed to roadmap your security strategy. Helping improve decision-making, and maximise the value of your investments.

Improve your visibility

See your blind spots, and take advantage of a data rich dashboard that lets you explore each security risk in detail.

Reduce your risk

Easily slice and dice your security data and prioritise fixes based on risk and effort.

Third-party validation

Trusted third party validation of your security posture (using CIS benchmarks and MITRE ATT&CK framework).

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The SPA has helped us immensely. Giving us a strategic roadmap so we can visualise what's important and prioritise accordingly.

Paul Mathanarajah

Head of Infrastructure, Liontrust

Measure your ROI

Use the dashboard to benchmark and track improvements over time. Helping you measure return on investment.

Make better investment decisions

Stop wasting money. Get the insight needed to make smarter security investments that will save you ££s.

Meet compliance obligations

Demonstrate compliance through clear reporting and measuring against industry standards.

Take control of your security strategy

Improve compliance, protection, and maximise returns on your digital investments.

Arrange your demo now. 

Secure and productive use of your Microsoft licence

There’s a huge raft of value-adding tools available within your Microsoft 365 licence. But it can be hard to keep track of security issues across the estate.

As a trusted Microsoft security partner, we provide the insight and tools to keep you secure and compliant.

Helping you stay protected, develop your security roadmap, and get more value from your licence.

With our SPA, you'll be able to:

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    Evaluate existing security effectiveness

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    Identify weak spots and grade them for severity

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    Provide a clear business case for investments

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    Create a benchmark for continual improvement

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    Demonstrate best practice and manage compliance

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    Strengthen trust through expert third-party validation

What you get

Delivered by highly experienced, Microsoft Accredited Consultants, you can cut through all the noise and complexity with a Kocho Security Posture Assessment.

    • Get to understand your business
    • Understand requirements
    • Set expectations for the project
    • We perform an assessment of your system against our security benchmarks.
    • These are predominately based on the CIS recommendations/MITRE ATT&CK benchmarks, but also incorporate other Kocho recommendations.
    • This is targeted at the Microsoft 365 tenant and the Azure tenant.
    • Built using Power BI, we tailor your security dashboard to provide full visibility of your current security posture.
    • This includes things like your shadow IT risk, and threat exposure from compromised credentials.
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As a trusted Microsoft partner our SPA provides clarity, insight and validation of your security posture.


Mat Richards

Head of Security, Kocho

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Watch 3-minute Security Posture Assessment Demo

Learn how a Security Posture Assessment minimises risk and maximises return on security investment.