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Feedback and complaints policy

Policy statement

Kocho is committed to providing you, our clients, with a high-quality service and will always endeavour to meet your needs. We value your feedback – it keeps us honest and helps us become greater. If there is a problem, we need you to tell us. We hope that we can address any issue that arises before it evolves into a reason for complaint.

If there is a complaint, we’ll strive to deal with it in an effective and timely manner via our established complaints process – keeping you informed of findings and actions.

How to make a complaint

If you’re a Kocho client, and you’re dissatisfied with the service received, please contact us as soon as the matter arises. Concerns can often be resolved easily by reaching out to us.

Please speak to the person dealing directly with your account (normally your account manager or service delivery manager) to explain the context of your dissatisfaction. If you’d rather put it in writing, please email [email protected].

Receipt of your complaint will automatically trigger our complaints procedure, whereby the client-facing team will liaise with the appropriate manager to address (and hopefully resolve) your concerns.

Unresolved problems

If your problem is not resolved, or you’re unhappy with the response received, your subsequent feedback will be escalated to the appropriate practice head or director, who will investigate the matter and report back (usually within seven working days) with their findings and decision.

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