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The cloud-native SIEM and SOAR solution for laser-accurate detection and lightning-fast responses to cyber threats.

Take advantage of next-generation AI and automation for super-fast detection and response, better visibility and, unlimited scalability. 

Cyber threats are growing rapidly in volume and sophistication. Plus the growth of mobile and cloud-based working can lead to restricted visibility and a loss of control.

But too many organisations are still reliant on investigation and response processes that are slow, complex, and ineffective.

Blending industry expertise and cutting-edge Microsoft technology, we can help your organisation:

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    Rapidly detect and respond to cyber security threats.

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    Improve visibility and monitoring of security events.

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    Increase the efficiency of your security team.

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    Meet regulatory compliance requirements with ease.

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    Get a fast and high return on investment (ROI).

Effective cyber threat detection and response can be a challenge

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Alert fatigue

Your team is overwhelmed by the volume of alerts, which causes threats to go unnoticed.

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Slow response times

Your SIEM platform is struggling to keep pace with a rapidly evolving threat landscape.

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Manual resource limits

It’s resource-intensive to identify threats across security solutions from multiple vendors.

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Inability to scale

Your current SIEM solution isn’t capable of scaling to meet the business’s changing needs.

Watch 3-minute Security Posture Assessment Demo

Identify hidden threats and prioritise security risks.

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Microsoft Sentinel delivers a 48% reduction in costs vs. on-premises SIEM and an ROI of over 200%.

Forrester Total Economic Impact study, 2020

SIEM and SOAR solutions for a cloud-first world

With Microsoft Sentinel and our expertise, you’ll be equipped to overcome the challenges of today. And protect your business against the security threats of tomorrow.


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Advanced threat protection

Next-gen AI and automation provide laser-targeted, ultra-fast detection and response against advanced, modern threats.

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Better threat intelligence

Analysing user and entity behaviour provides greater insight into advanced threats for more accurate detection and fewer false positives.

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Unlimited scalability

Operating in the cloud removes data storage barriers, allowing you to scale up or down according to need, without compromising protection.

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Strengthen security posture

Maximise security across your entire estate through the powerful SIEM and SOAR and seamless integration with your Microsoft applications.

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Strong security posture

Improve your security posture with a single, centralised view of your security information across all apps, devices, users, and systems.

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Healthy ROI

With no set-up costs, you can start realising your investment immediately and see triple-digit ROI within 3 years.

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Microsoft Sentinel harnesses the power of the Cloud and AI. Providing clear visibility of threats, so you can respond quickly and decisively.


Mathew Richards,

Head of Secure Digital Transformation, Kocho

Spot hidden threats fast!

Future-proof security to safeguard your business

With Microsoft Sentinel and our Kocho experts, you can overcome the security challenges of today. And, protect your business against the security threats of tomorrow.

What you’ll get:


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Built-in AI

Focus on the most important alerts and respond as quickly as possible. Cut through the data noise, overcome the skills gap, and save your organisation vital time and resources.

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It’s flexible, scalable, with no storage restrictions, and – best of all – it costs a fraction of an on-premises system. There’s no infrastructure to maintain, so your team can focus fully on protecting your business.

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Seamless integration

Microsoft Sentinel integrates with a wide range of tools and systems, helping to improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations team. Orchestrate and automate incident responses from a single platform.

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Rapid rollout

With no infrastructure or upfront investment required to deploy, rapidly implement Microsoft Sentinel and begin consuming multiple log sources in a fraction of the time needed for other SIEM solutions.

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Rapid response

Microsoft Sentinel offers graphical and AI-based investigation capabilities to quickly understand the scope and impact of any attack. Automation and orchestration accelerate incident response time further.

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Better value

Not only will you see a large return on your investment, but you’ll also get maximum value from your Microsoft E3 or E5 licences. A comprehensive suite that reduces the need for additional tools and escalating licence fees.

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The Security Posture Assessment has helped us immensely to visualise what is important and prioritise accordingly. The result has been a continuous delivery of enhancements to our security.

Paul Mathanarajah

Head of Infrastructure

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