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Improve efficiency, security, and business insights. Harness Microsoft technologies to drive innovation, stay competitive, and meet increasing compliance and corporate responsibility demands.

Put your organisation at the forefront of finance with digital transformation.

Digital transformation has become more than just a good idea, it’s now imperative for success.

This is particularly true for the Financial Services industry at a time when data awareness and scrutiny has never been higher.

Whether you work in insurance, asset management, private equity, or banking – the efficiency, productivity, security, and business benefits of investing in modern cloud-based technologies cannot be ignored.

At Kocho, we’ve a long history of helping finance leaders stay at the top of their game. We’ll help you plan, implement, adopt, and improve the digital infrastructure, security solutions, and data analytics you need to keep ahead of the competition.

Customers want slick, secure digital experiences – and regulation is tighter than ever

Your technology, processes, and services need to meet the fast-evolving expectations of both a digital customer base and a remote workforce.


Your challenges:

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Remote security woes

With a hybrid workforce, you need to ensure sensitive financial data is secure.

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Strict regulation

Can you prove you have the technical controls in place to effectively govern data?

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Lack of innovation

Your current solutions aren’t fit for purpose, inhibiting the ability to make insight-driven decisions.

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Poor digital experiences

Today’s customer won’t hesitate to walk away if you can’t deliver the experience they expect.

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Discuss your financial services challenges with an award-winning Microsoft partner.

You’ll discover:

  • Solutions for your industry’s unique challenges
  • Cutting-edge tech to make your job easier
  • Ways to improve efficiency and innovation
  • How to meet security and compliance demands
  • Microsoft licensing and funding options
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Cyber incidents reported to the UK's Financial Conduct Authority in 2021 were up by over 50%, with a fifth involving ransom software.

FT Advisor News Report

The future of finance is digital – let’s build it together

With services aligned to regulatory, operational, and investor requirements, we’ll work with you to transform the way your organisation operates; helping improve efficiency, security, and business intelligence – so you’re ready for the future of the financial sector.

We can help you:

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Increase productivity

Using the power of Microsoft’s cloud technologies, we’ll modernise your identity and access management ensuring the right people have access to the right resources – from wherever they’re working.

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Meet customer expectations

Give your customers the very best digital experience. Provide easy, frictionless access that won’t compromise on security – and protect hard-won loyalty to your brand.

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Stay secure

We’ll craft a cutting-edge security solution and service tailored to your unique needs, allowing for fast identification and mitigation of security threats, keeping you – and your data – safe from both external and internal dangers.

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Achieve compliance

Gain the controls to know what data you have, where it’s kept, who can access it, and what they’re doing with it. Then produce reports and demonstrate to auditors that you meet strict financial regulation requirements.

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Innovate at scale

Identify efficiency opportunities with advanced data analytics and utilise AI to automate repetitive processes, risk assessment, and fraud prevention. Bring all your data together for fast analysis and visualisation by any user.

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Operate efficiently

Our Managed Services will provide the support you need to keep everything running smoothly, offering security, expert knowledge, cost savings, and the comfort of peace of mind.

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Achieve ESG needs

Prove environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) commitments by using cloud technology to establish sustainability and decarbonisation policies. Use AI to improve fair and equitable treatment of credit applicants.

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Kocho's consultants worked closely with our team throughout the process. They have always been very responsive to our needs. They’re flexible and extremely knowledgeable.

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