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Merger & Acquisition IT Integration

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Maintain business continuity throughout your merger and acquisition. Seamless system integration, enhanced data security, and significant cost savings!

Successfully integrate IT environments, consolidate systems, and quickly realise the benefits of your merger & acquisition.

Mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and carve-outs are critical points in a company’s life cycle – strewn with costly risks.

Poorly integrated systems expose serious security vulnerabilities.

Duplication of effort and inconsistent processes frustrate staff and impact productivity.

Plans and budgets spiral out of control without the resources and skills to manage complex change.

Kocho has been simplifying IT estates for over 20 years. We can:

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    Minimise disruption by merging separate IT systems

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    Protect sensitive data during transfer and consolidation

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    Identify and resolve hidden security risks during transition

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    Unify and align diverse technologies and cultures

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    Accelerate the adoption of new tools and working methods

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    Control costs and optimise spend on IT solutions

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70-90% of merger and acquisitions fail to achieve their intended objectives due to issues including integration and cultural clashes.

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Acquire the skills to simplify complex change

We offer a range of customisable professional and managed services to support transformational change projects. And you’ll have an award-winning team supporting you every step of the way – with Microsoft specialisations across Azure for Data, AI, Infrastructure, and App Innovation.

We can help you:

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Seamlessly integrate systems

Align disparate systems to smooth your transition – avoiding the business costs and security risks of downtime and fragmented data. Minimal employee disruption maintains staff trust – and an efficient and productive workforce.

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Protect sensitive data

Maximise protection for your data during transfer and consolidation to avoid a costly breach. Identify and resolve hidden security risks within and between legacy or point solutions. Implement modern, secure working methods.

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Achieve employee satisfaction

Fully understand user impact, stresses, and project blockers. Strong project management and tried-and-tested methodologies build a connected workforce, maintain support throughout, and ensure a smooth transition.

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70% of businesses using managed IT services for M&A processes achieve better scalability and flexibility.


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Keep staff productive

Accelerate the adoption of unified apps, services, and working methods across your entire workforce. Training and support will reduce the learning curve and escalate staff proficiency with new tools and processes.

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Save money

Monitor and audit your systems to identify functionality overlaps and redundant tools. Achieve cost efficiencies by removing duplicate technologies and negotiating the best vendor deals.

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Enhance business agility

Respond quickly to new opportunities and challenge with flexible systems and streamlined processes. Utilise AI and powerful reporting to extract data-driven insights from the market – and gain a competitive advantage.

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Book a no-obligation Discovery Call

Don’t risk costly mistakes and long delays with your merger and acquisition.

Book a 30-minute discovery call and learn more about:

  • Opportunities to simplify and save money
  • Relevant service and support options
  • Typical outputs of a transformation plan
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Kocho provide a professional and friendly service. They regularly go above and beyond to ensure they provide the best service possible.

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