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Give your technology projects the greatest chance of success. Understand business and user requirements and get the buy-in and support you need to make a success of your digital transformation.

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Want to feel the full benefit of your technology investment? The answer lies in prioritising people.

Adopting the latest technologies helps keep your organisation secure, your employees productive, and your customers happy.

But technology achieves nothing on its own.

It’s your people who will make or break your new solution.

We’ll help put them at the heart of your project and make sure they are fully engaged in the ‘why’ to ensure your project is a success.

Initiatives with excellent change management are 6x more likely to meet objectives than those with poor change management.

Prosci, ‘Why Change Management’

Accelerate new technology adoption – and get on with doing what you do best

We get it, new technology takes some getting used to and most humans are change-resistant by nature.

Not to worry, we know just how to get people engaged in the process to help change stick quick.

We can help you:

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    Deliver technology solutions that ‘fit’ by focusing on both people and processes

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    Effectively manage change for your projects – from inception to completion

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    Overcome resistance and gain support from stakeholders at all levels in your business

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    Ensure transparency and clear communications at every stage of technology implementation

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    Create a culture of continuous learning and improvement in your organisationlates

Fed up with failed business transformation projects?

Most people love new technology – but many hate change. Achieving true transformation is a tricky business, frequently frustrated by common pitfalls.


Your challenges:

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Strategic disconnect

Projects are shaped by strategy alone – there’s little consideration of end user needs.

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Skills gap

You don’t have the capacity inhouse to deliver, support, and enable change.

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Poor buy-in

The overall business value isn’t clear, so there’s no support from influential stakeholders.

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Users fear the change, feel unsupported, and aren’t getting answers to ‘what’s in it for me?’.

Chart a roadmap to successful change

Our services take care of:

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Project discovery

Ensure you start with a clear roadmap – get your key stakeholders on board, understand your challenges, and scope out your business and technical requirements.

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Change readiness and risk analysis

Understand your organisation’s readiness for change and how you can overcome resistance. Reduce the impact on your end users and deliver successful outcomes.

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Business process improvement

Develop new and improved ways of working, understand how your new solution will impact wider business processes – and ensure everything’s documented!

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Change management

Prepare, manage, and reinforce the change using a robust change management process that engages your key stakeholders.

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Technology adoption

Execute change management plans and support users through the change via training and expert events.

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Virtual change office

Outsource your entire change management team and processes to Kocho.

Make your organisation a change champion

As an award-winning Microsoft partner with a reputation for helping clients adopt a broad range of Microsoft 365 solutions, Kocho is ideally placed to help you achieve your transformation goals.


You’ll benefit from:

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Effective planning

Understand the impact for users, identify blockers, and allocate appropriate resources.

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Senior-level support

Gain buy-in from key stakeholders, with senior-level sponsorship helping to overcome resistance.

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Educated users

Easily communicate new ways of working, with ongoing training and support facilities.

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Full ROI

Ensure your project delivers overall business improvement – not just IT improvement.

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