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6 ways to guarantee successful technology adoption

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Ingrid Jack

Integration Lead

The race is on to reap the benefits of business transformation – but with half of all technology projects failing to deliver on investment, what can you do to ensure success?

Modern technology projects can reinvent how a business or organisation operates – bringing new ways to collaborate and engage with employees, partners and clients.

But organisations struggle to reap the benefits of their investment.

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“Approximately 16% of projects totally fail, and 50% of all projects fail to meet their goals and/or do not complete on time or within budget.”

Project Management Institute 2020 report

Grab your free e-Guide today and you’ll:

  • Gain tools and techniques to understand project risk and deliver ROI

  • Prepare for typical scenarios which can cause a technology project to fail

  • Understand why you ignore the ‘people’ element of change at your peril

  • Gain a 6-step framework to ensure successful digital transformation

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Ingrid Jack profile headshot


Ingrid Jack

As Integration Lead, Ingrid ensures Kocho has effective systems, processes, and ways of working. Ingrid is happiest when delivering projects that make people’s lives better.

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