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Our Enterprise Wireless solutions, powered by Juniper Mist AI, deliver unparalleled network visibility, security, and user experience.

Ensuring speed, security and user experience wirelessly.

As mobile devices and remote work become more prevalent, organisations need a reliable and secure wireless network.

But managing a wireless network is a complex endeavour, fraught with pitfalls, and with many moving parts to consider.


We recognise the challenges you face in this constantly evolving digital landscape, such as:

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    Ensuring consistent performance.

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    Safeguarding against cyber security threats.

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    Improving the end user experience.

The challenges of managing a modern, enterprise wireless network


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Ensuring optimal network performance and maintaining network uptime is crucial for the smooth functioning of any organisation.

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Mobile management

Organisations are managing an increasing number of mobile devices and remote workers.

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Cyber threats and attacks are growing in number and sophistication. It’s crucial to have comprehensive security to protect against them

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User experience

You need a consistent and reliable wireless network across various locations and uninterrupted connectivity.


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A short Discovery Call is an opportunity to discuss your wireless network challenges with an award-winning Microsoft partner.

You’ll discover:

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  • Ways to improve network performance
  • How to protect your data from threats
  • Microsoft licensing and funding options
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By 2024, the global wireless enterprise market size is expected to reach $22.4 billion, with an annual growth rate of 20%.


Upgrade your wireless network today

We understand the difficulties managing a wireless network. Optimising performance and ensuring security are just the tip of the iceberg.

With Juniper Mist AI solutions, get automated troubleshooting, continuous threat detection and response, and cutting-edge location-based services to create the ultimate user experience.


We can help you:

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Streamline network management

Our enterprise wireless solutions offer real-time insights and analytics to help businesses make informed decisions and improve network performance.

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Protect against threats

With intrusion detection and prevention, network segmentation, and policy enforcement, our advanced security features ensure that sensitive data and devices are protected from potential threats.

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Improve user experience

Our wireless network offers enhanced user experience features, like proactive issue resolution and location-based services.

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Optimise wireless performance

Our wireless service offers improved user experience features and advanced security features, minimising downtime and optimising performance.

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Organisations that use Juniper Mist AI technology experience a 47% reduction in network troubleshooting time and a 37% reduction in network downtime.

Forrester consulting

Optimise your network performance

Enterprise wireless solutions tailored to your needs

We understand the challenges of managing a wireless network, from optimising performance to ensuring security.

Our solutions include:

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Wireless network design and implementation

Our wireless network design and implementation service provides customised solutions that are tailored to your business needs.

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Network monitoring and optimisation

Our AI-powered cloud platform provides real-time network monitoring and optimisation, allowing for proactive issue resolution and improved network performance.

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Continuous threat detection and response

Our AI-powered security features provide continuous threat detection and response, ensuring that your network is always protected against potential threats.

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Location-based services to improve the user experience

Our location-based services enhance the user experience by providing personalised services and improving network efficiency.

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Virtual Network Assistant (VNA) support

Our Virtual Network Assistant (VNA) support provides easy troubleshooting and user support, reducing downtime and improving user satisfaction.

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Featured technology

Juniper Mist

The cutting edge of network technology, Juniper Mist uses cloud-based AI-driven insights and automation.

Juniper Mist AI optimises and automates network operations, troubleshoots issues proactively, and enhances the user experience for enterprise wireless networks.

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It was exceptionally challenging. But Kocho and the team stepped up and delivered.

Andy Frost

Head of IT, RPC

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