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Improving client engagement, cyber-security, and productivity. Helping you meet compliance obligations with ease.

Digital transformation that meets the challenges of a changing legal landscape.  

New technologies, evolving expectations and shifts in working culture are driving change in the legal sector.

If you cling to the old ways of arduous admin, endless office hours, and bulging filing cabinets, you risk being left behind.

But by embracing digital technology and changing the mindset, you have the opportunity to lay the foundations for long-term, sustainable growth.

At Kocho, we blend decades of expertise with cutting-edge technology. A guiding hand to make effective change.

Working with you to create an environment that’s protected against cyber-threats and meeting compliance.

Improving productivity and the client experience by streamlining processes, allowing secure access to resources when and where they’re needed.

And providing the support you need to succeed in the modern legal sector.

Meeting expectations and solving modern challenges

As new technology and remote working practices continue to evolve, it’s vital that you keep up.


Your challenges:

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Remote data risks

It’s essential that sensitive legal documents are kept safe across a remote or hybrid workforce.

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Keeping compliant

You need to deploy processes and controls to ensure you meet your compliance obligations.

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Cyber threats

The risk of a malicious attack or breach is extremely high and potentially devastating to reputation and finances.

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Client trust

Maintaining the trust of your client and meeting their expectations is essential for any legal team.

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  • Cutting-edge tech to make your job easier
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  • How to meet your compliance obligations
  • Microsoft licensing and funding options
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80% of law firms recognise that having a clear digital strategy is crucial for future success.


Helping the legal sector embrace a digital future

Leading the way for legal sector change. We’ll help you implement the right tools, automations, and controls, to optimise efficiency, maximise security, and meet compliance obligations with ease.

We can help you:

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Empower your people

Improve your identity and access management. Ensure your team, clients, and partners have easy, secure access to the resources they need. Any time, any device, and any location.

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Defend against cyber attacks

Meet the threat of a cyber attack head-on. Get rapid detection and cutting-edge endpoint protection to mitigate cyber threats and keep your devices and data safe.

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Develop client trust

Give your clients the seamless digital experience they expect. Fast, simple access to the documents, data, and communications they need. Plus, enhance trust by protecting sensitive information.

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Meet compliance objectives

Stay in control of your data, including where it’s stored, who has access, and what it’s being used for. Show you’re meeting compliance obligations through real-time reports and clear security and access protocols.

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Improve caseload productivity

Automate processes and create simple, secure access to resources. Eliminate time-sapping manual admin and paperwork for more efficient caseload management.

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Maintain efficiency

With our Managed Services, you’ll have peace of mind support from our team of technical experts. Saving you money, keeping you secure, and ensuring the practice is running smoothly and efficiently at all times.

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Improve data analysis

By unlocking the power of machine learning and AI, you can analyse legal, court, and financial data. Make better, more informed decisions, improve outcomes, and maximise your chances for success.

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Kocho were absolutely amazing.

Kerry Angel

Service Delivery Manager, Macfarlanes

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