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Case Study

Osborne Clarke strengthens connection resilience

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Improving performance and productivity for a remote workforce.

Osborne Clarke implemented NetMotion to replace its existing VPN for users struggling with poor connectivity when travelling. During the pandemic, the firm also used the service to monitor traffic of remote workers to enable effective use of applications and easy troubleshooting when connectivity proved problematic.

The background

Through 2019 Osborne Clarke experienced various connectivity challenges when its employees were travelling, working remotely, commuting, and visiting clients.

The firm’s IT team wanted to enable its people to use this time as if they were still in the office.

However, unreliable connectivity and variable network conditions outside the office environment made this a growing challenge.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Osborne Clarke’s IT team recognised that they required deeper visibility into how apps, networks and devices were being utilised and performing for users whilst they were working from home.

This would ensure that issues could be identified quickly and reduce the amount of service desk tickets being raised.

On working with Kocho to select NetMotion

Members of Osborne Clarke’s IT team joined Kocho for a briefing held in Bristol and it is there that they learnt about the NetMotion solution.

Having seen what the solution was capable of, they thought it may provide the answer for their problems.

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We’ve had a long-standing relationship with Kocho (formerly Mobliciti), for around 10 years, and we’ve always had that close relationship. They always let us know what’s going on and what the trends are especially with mobile and networks.

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A better end-user experience

By utilising NetMotion, it meant Osborne Clarke’s employees had a completely secure environment to access company resources.

The platform also allowed users to avoid application time outs and re-authentication whenever connections dropped or switched.

In addition, there was a percentage of users who were unable to get the same experience working from home as they would in the office.

So, Osborne Clarke utilised NetMotion to gain visibility into the home office and application performance.

The IT support team could then easily troubleshoot further and provide advice to the end-user around how to get better performance when working from home.

Key benefits

  • Remote workers stay connected to their devices and applications.

  • Support teams can proactively identify, diagnose, and fix remote working issues impacting fee earners.

  • Real-time insight into performance and utilisation of technology being used outside the office environment.

  • Quick to deploy, simple to manage, and easy to scale.

Simplify airtime management AND save money (Video)

Discover how to spot hidden costs and avoid overpaying.

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