On-demand | 44-minutes

Microsoft’s Security Service Edge (SSE) Demo: Achieve global secure access

Bridge the gap between identity and networks while providing users with a safe, frictionless digital experience from any location.

The access security revolution has begun! The latest category in Microsoft Entra’s product family – Network Access – is Microsoft’s offering for Security Service Edge (SSE).

Microsoft Entra Internet Access and Private Access solutions seamlessly align identity and network access.

Secure access to ALL internet-connected resources, including SaaS and Microsoft 365 apps. Protect your organisation against cyber threats, malicious network traffic, and unsafe or non-compliant content.

In this demo webinar we share how to:

  • Extend Conditional Access across your network

  • Modernise network security to protect users and apps

  • Enhance security and visibility for Microsoft 365 access

  • Implement a Zero Trust strategy and replace VPNs

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David Guest

Solution Architect & Technology Evangelist

David is responsible for developing identity, Microsoft 365 security, and other cloud service solutions – and keeping our clients abreast of the latest technology trends.