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Will Microsoft’s Security Service Edge (SSE) revolutionise access security?

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Mathew Richards

Head of Mobility and Security

Published: 18 July 2023

Microsoft’s launch of their Security Service Edge (SSE) solution promises to transform secure access to networks and digital assets. We explore how.

How do you create seamless access to data, resources, and applications, without compromising security?

It’s a pivotal challenge for organisations grappling with changes to working habits, increased mobility, and ever-greater moves into digital and cloud-based environments.

This is the motivation behind Microsoft’s launch of two new products, under the collective banner of SSE.

They are:

  • Microsoft Entra Internet Access
  • Microsoft Entra Private Access

From VPN to Zero Trust

Traditional access security methods, such as VPNs, are increasingly vulnerable to the challenges of mobile-driven and remote working environment.

Access can be slow, creating frustrating user experiences. More importantly, however, they can weaken your security posture and heighten the risk of a breach.

VPNs may provide a secure access ‘tunnel’ between the network and a remote device, but it has no control over the device or the actions of the end-user, who has access to the entire network. If the account is compromised, the device is connected, or access port left open, your entire system can be exposed.

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On average there are 4000 password attacks worldwide every second.


As we see time and time again, malicious actors prey on weak points in an organisation’s security.

The new Microsoft products offer comprehensive access solutions based on the principles of zero trust.

Every identity is constantly verified, with users only granted access to the resources, destinations, and applications needed for their work.

Closing vulnerability gaps, improving security posture, and making it easier for users to work with the tools and data they need, when and where they need it.

Microsoft’s Security Service Edge Demo: Secure global access

See how to secure access to ALL internet-connected resources, including SaaS and Microsoft 365 apps.

What we know about the products

Microsoft Entra Internet Access and Microsoft Entra Private Access offer solutions that seamlessly align identity and network access.

Microsoft Entra Internet Access

Microsoft Entra Internet Access is an identity-centric Secure Web Gateway (SWG). Designed for SaaS apps and internet traffic, the product guards against vulnerable, non-compliant, and malicious traffic derived from open internet channels.

Applying Conditional Access to network conditions, Internet Access can prevent and block access by requiring users to use a ‘compliant network’ in order to access resources.

What’s more, it promises the highest level of security and visibility for Microsoft 365 users, allowing them fast access to 365 apps from any location.

Now in public preview, Entra Internet Access offers a platform to provide productivity boosts for remote and hybrid workforces, without any compromise to security.

Microsoft Entra Private Access

Users will be have a simple, fast, and ultra-secure means to access private apps and resources. This is the basis for Microsoft Entra Private Access, a Zero Trust Network Access identity-centric solution.

Allowing users to work and connect with the resources they need, from any location, from private networks and data centres, or hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Entra Private Access promises to simplify and improve cost-efficiency versus more traditional VPN-based private access solutions. And, by allowing users to apply Conditional Access to individual applications, while enforcing multi-factor authentication (MFA), device compliance, and other controls, it will offer state-of-the-art security against modern threats.

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Our SSE solution enables customers to secure access with a unified, identity-centric approach to any application, resource, or destination.


The ultimate access security solution?

As an integral part of the Microsoft Entra family of identity products, while integrating with Microsoft’s vast security capability and threat intelligence, SSE has the potential to be a world-leading access security solution.

Both Internet Access and Private Access will work in unison with Microsoft’s cloud access security broker (CASB), Defender for Cloud apps.

The solution also enables users to enforce unified Conditional Access that considers everything from identity, devices, and applications, to network conditions on apps and websites.

Providing an SSE solution that bridges the gap between identity and networks. Offering users safe, frictionless digital experiences from any location, alongside high-level visibility, intelligence, threat detection, and data loss prevention (DLP) measures.

Key takeaways

  • Microsoft’s Security Access Edge unifies secure access between identities, networks, and applications, from any location.

  • Based on the zero trust principle SSE will strengthen security posture versus traditional methods, while creating easier user access.

  • Microsoft Entra Internet Access provides ultra-secure, fast access to Microsoft 365 apps, SaaS apps, and open internet resources.

  • Microsoft Entra Private Access is a ZTNA solution that lets users access private apps, and organisations enforce conditional access and authentication.

  • The products couple with Defender for Cloud apps and integrate with Microsoft security tools for best-in-class threat detection and data loss prevention.

Microsoft’s Security Service Edge Demo: Secure global access

Provide safe, frictionless digital experiences from any location.

  • Extend Conditional Access across your network.
  • Modernise network security to protect users and apps.

Next steps

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Mathew Richards

Mat is Kocho’s Head of Mobility and Security. He leads a team of consultants and architects that live and breathe secure transformation – delivering excellence across Microsoft 365 and Azure.

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