Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention

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Protect sensitive data and stop it falling into the wrong hands.


Plug potential leaks of your sensitive data with Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention.

Remote working has transformed the world. Global collaboration has exploded, and traditional business barriers have been erased.

But this has complicated collaboration and the safe sharing of data. And added a compliance nightmare.

Larger digital estates, multi-cloud platforms, and an explosion of mobile devices and endpoints all add up to a higher risk of inadvertent or malicious sharing of sensitive data. 

How do you go about addressing this risk?

How do you make sure that sensitive information contained in thousands of daily emails, documents, instant messages, and more aren’t shared with the wrong people?

With Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention, you can apply policies that give you security and control around sharing your data, wherever it is.

So you always know who’s looking at it and sharing it. Giving you peace of mind, and adding a compliance comfort blanket.

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Up to 94% of companies that experience a severe data loss never recover.


Sharing isn’t always caring when it comes to data

Keeping your data safe isn’t just about hiding it behind security measures.

It’s also about keeping it out of the wrong hands.

Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention lets you set policies that prevent your sensitive data from being shared with the wrong audience.

Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention helps you:

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    Track your sensitive data at rest or in-transit

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    Track who's sharing your sensitive information

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    Reduce the risk of sensitive data leaks as a result of negligence or malicious intent

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    Ensure that data can only be shared with authorised users

Is your confidential data staying confidential?

It’s crucial for your organisation to keep your data and IP safe, compliant, and in front of the correct sets of eyes.


Your challenges:

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Inadequate access policies increase the risk of data leaks, and inappropriate sharing of data.

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The attack surface from which data can be inappropriately shared or leaked has grown massively.

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Sensitive data at rest or in-transit needs to be tracked adequately across multiple networks, cloud services, and endpoints.

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Your organisation needs to keep up with constantly changing standards of data protection.

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An eagle eye over your sensitive data. No matter where it is, or who’s sharing it

Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention gives you the tools to monitor and control who’s viewing and sharing your data across your networks, cloud platforms, and endpoints.

You’ll benefit from:

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A single view

Once you have alerts configured, you’ll be able to monitor them from the DLP alert management dashboard every time a user performs an action that meets the criteria of a DLP policy.

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Intelligent detection

Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention is able to use a range of out-of-the-box and custom methods to detect sensitive content. Including trainable classifiers, information types, and sensitivity labels.

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Sharing controls

Use DLP to set policies that prevent the sharing of sensitive data and documents, keeping your data safe.

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Using DLP to control who can view, share or alter data, your organisation stays on the right side of strict compliance regulations.

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Holistic data protection

Using DLP, you’re able to extend your control not only over your networks and applications, but also over endpoints, third-party cloud apps, and on-premises file shares.

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