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Virtual Mobile Manager

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Get the tools, resources, and experience to help your IT team manage a modern, mobile fleet.

Streamline the complexity of managing all your devices.

Managing a large fleet of mobile devices across different platforms and operating systems can be overwhelming, time-consuming, and expensive.

How do you simplify the process, enhance productivity, and maintain security? While keeping your costs from spiraling out of control.

With Virtual Mobile Manager (VMM) we help you to:

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    Simplify the process.

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    Enhance your productivity.

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    Maximise security across all devices.

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    Get better control of your budget.

Challenges of secure, cost-effective mobile device management


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Your employees use their mobile devices to access sensitive data and information, making them an obvious target for cyber attacks.

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It’s easy to fall foul of strict compliance regulations that organisations need to adhere to. It’s even easier if mobile devices aren’t adequately managed.

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Cost management

It’s expensive to manage a large fleet of mobile devices, especially if employees are using their personal devices for work purposes.

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Device management

Managing a large number of mobile devices can be a time-consuming and complex task.

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Our experts are here to help. Start your journey to streamlined mobile device management.

We’re here to help you transform your business. Get in touch today to find out how.

Our Virtual Mobile Manager services:

  • Simplify management of your mobile fleet
  • Enhance your overall productivity
  • Maximise security across all devices
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57% of businesses spend over $100 per user per month on mobile plans.


Empower your mobile workforce with our Virtual Mobile Manager services

As businesses continue to navigate remote work and mobile workforces, managing employees’ mobile devices and ensuring data security can be a challenge.

At Kocho, we understand these challenges, and with Virtual Mobile Manager, we help you stay ahead of the curve.


We’ll help you:

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Streamline mobile device management

Our service simplifies the process of managing mobile devices. You get centralised control and visibility, reduced downtime, and increased productivity.

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Enhance security

With our security protocols and remote wiping capabilities, you can rest assured that your data is safe, even in the event of a lost or stolen device.

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Increase efficiency

Our Virtual Mobile Manager service optimises device performance, freeing up time and resources for your team to focus on more important tasks.

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Improve cost management

We help you manage device costs by identifying cost-saving opportunities and optimising your mobile plans to reduce unnecessary expenses.

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Mobile devices are among the most targeted, accounting for 27% of all cybersecurity incidents.


Time to boost your device security?

Take control of your mobile device estate

We’ll put the reigns of your mobile device estate back in your hands, reduce your costs, and optimise your usage.

As part of your service, we will:

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Optimise and control mobile costs

We’ll implement cost-saving strategies and manage expenses to ensure that mobile costs are kept within budget.

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Manage mobile usage and monitor policies

Monitor employee mobile usage and enforce mobile policies to ensure compliance and prevent unauthorised usage.

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Release resources for strategic projects

Reduce mobile expenses and reallocate resources and budget towards more strategic projects that will drive business growth.

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Negotiate better mobile contracts

Negotiate better mobile contracts with vendors to get the best possible rates and terms for services.

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Deploy the right technologies

Choose and deploy the most appropriate mobile technologies that will meet the business needs and improve overall efficiency.

Three tiers. One complete product.

Virtual Mobile Manager is available at three tiers of service.

  • Assist: Helps your internal IT team manage their mobile provider, optimise your mobile services, and provides enhanced control and management reporting.
  • Extended: Frees up resources by externally managing network and device orders, and tariff changes. Proactively monitors in-month mobile usage alerts and provides enhanced cost centre reporting.
  • VMM360: All the features of extended, plus complete mobile support. Includes mobile device refresh, monitoring/managing Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) and Mobile Threat Defence (MTD) services, and real-time data and content management.




Inview Mobile Manager Portal Access & Licencing

Monthly Mobile Billing Data Processing, Invoice Validation & Billing Dispute Management

Monthly Analyst’s Health Check & Cost Management Report & Scheduled Review

Mobile Tariff Optimisation Analysis & Recommendations

Full Mobile Reporting on Costs, Usage & Trends (Online & Monthly Report Pack)

Mobile Negotiation Advice – Scheduled Analyst Calls & Independent Advice

Access to Mobliciti Mobile Services, Network and Device Catalogue

Inview Mobile Usage Policy Monitoring Tools

Mobile Administration Support to Implement Monthly Optimisation Recommendations

Monitoring & Escalation of ‘In-Month’ Network Usage and Cost Alerts

Enhanced Cost Centre Reporting, Ad Hoc Report Requests, Optional Branded Mobile User Statements

Mobile Network & Device Order Management Helpdesk & Inventory Management

Full Mobile Contract Negotiation Support

Mobile Device Leasing, Staging & Preparation

Managed UEM & MTD Technology Deployment Services

Inview Mobile portal

All three tiers of VMM come with the Inview Mobile portal, which includes a diverse array of tools for mobile management, reporting, and support.

These tools let you control mobile costs, inventory, and usage.

The platform is readily accessible to internal IT personnel and managers, enabling them to securely access mobile information, reports, and support tools with ease.

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We’re looking at a cost-saving of 60% per month based on our last contract.

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