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Kocho achieves Microsoft Modernise Endpoints Specialisation

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Alastair Rees

Director of Alliances

Published: 30 May 2024

We’re proud to reveal that Kocho has secured Microsoft Modernise Endpoints Specialisation. A testament to our commitment in delivering best-in-class endpoint management solutions.

Achieving the Microsoft Modernise Endpoints Specialisation further reinforces our position as a leading Microsoft partner. Another significant milestone in our business and something everyone at Kocho takes immense pride in.

But this is a lot more than just another badge of honour.

The Modernise Endpoints Specialisation is recognition of how we’re utilising the exceptional expertise in our business for the benefit of our customers. Industry approval of the secure, efficient endpoint management solutions we provide for varied and diverse environments.

Recognising Intune expertise for improved customer experience

Attaining a Microsoft Specialisation is the acknowledgement of a partner’s deep rooted expertise and experience, aligned to proven customer success.

It’s a demonstration not just of our current technical prowess, but of our continued appetite to stay at the sharp end of technology advancements. To ensure our team have the skills and the tech to deliver solutions that best meet the needs of our customers.

In particular, this Specialisation recognises the depth of the Kocho team’s competency in the Microsoft Intune Suite. And how this expertise feeds into ongoing improvements to our managed service capabilities that enable greater, more proactive endpoint management for our customers.

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Securing the Modernise Endpoints Specialisation is testimony to the immense work, high skill levels, and customer-centricity that exists across the team. It positions us as a leader in modern endpoint management.

Alastair Rees profile headshot

Alastair Rees

Director of Alliances, Kocho

Why is this important?

Efficient endpoint management is a vital pillar of modern workplace management. A crucial component for maintaining security, compliance, and productivity.

With the rise of remote and hybrid work models, organisations need to ensure their devices are secure and up to date. No matter the volume and mix of devices in use. And regardless of where they’re located.

What it takes to achieve Modernise Endpoint Specialisation

To achieve a specialisation, an organisation needs to meet stringent performance and skills criteria. It requires real-world evidence of consistent levels of excellence delivered to customers.

Securing the Modernise Endpoints Specialisation is testimony to the immense work, high skill levels, and customer-centricity that exists across the team. It positions us as a leader in modern endpoint management. A demonstration of our ability to meet complex customer requirements and deliver successful outcomes.

Not just in theory, but fully endorsed by our customers.

A commitment to customer-driven excellence

At Kocho, we take pride in helping organisations navigate what can often be a complex path.

Endpoint management services and solutions that enhance security, unlock efficiency, and help our customers maximise their Microsoft investments.

Achieving the Microsoft Modernise Endpoints Specialisation is an industry-approved endorsement of this commitment.

For customers, partnering with a Microsoft-specialised company like Kocho brings several benefits.

Such as:

  • Enhanced Security: Assurance that their endpoint devices are managed with the latest security protocols.

  • Operational Efficiency: Streamlined processes that reduce downtime and improve productivity.

  • Improved Compliance: Adherence to regulatory requirements with efficient endpoint management.

  • Expert Support: Access to a team with proven expertise and a track record of success.

Furthering Kocho’s end-to-end service credentials

The Modernise Endpoints Specialisation is the latest endorsement of our status as a major Microsoft partner.

We’re now holder of five Solutions Partner statuses (Security, Modern Work, Infrastructure, Digital and App Innovation, and Data and AI). Plus, we’re one of only seven global MISA members to hold Microsoft Verified MXDR status alongside the four Advanced Security Specialisations of:

  • Cloud Security

  • Threat Protection

  • Identity and Access Management

  • Information Protection and Governance

Collectively, these achievements demonstrate Kocho’s ability to deliver unrivalled end-to-end protection and management of our customers entire digital and cloud estates.

Setting the standard for the industry and our customers

We take huge pride in every accreditation, award, specialisation, and solution designation that we receive.

But more importantly, we use them to continue to set higher standards for the benefit of our industry and the customers we serve.

The Microsoft Modernise Endpoints Specialisation solidifies our position as a leader in modern endpoint management.

It’s not just an endorsement of the skills and expertise we possess in the business. It’s a signpost that we use these skills, and our position as an elite Microsoft partner, to continually deliver what’s best for our customers.

A trusted partner for your endpoint management challenges.

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Alastair Rees profile headshot


Alastair Rees

Director of Alliances

With over 20 years’ experience in IT, Al ensures Kocho works with ‘best of breed’ partners that help our clients reinvent business processes and achieve competitive advantage.

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