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What is Microsoft Intune?

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Mathew Richards

Head of Secure Digital Transformation

Published: 17 January 2024

With businesses struggling to manage a growing number of endpoints, Microsoft Intune emerges as both a solution and a lifeline. Simplifying and securing modern device management.

44% of UK workers1 spend a significant chunk of their workweek doing their job remotely.

This shows just how crucial it is for everyone to have easy access to their corporate data and resources. No matter where they are.

But with more mobile devices in your workforce — some owned by your organisation, others by employees — it’s increasingly difficult to keep track of them all.

And when these devices can access your corporate network from anywhere, that can leave your organisation vulnerable.

That’s why companies need a robust unified endpoint management solution to keep things safe while still letting users work from wherever they are.

A solution like Gartner’s leading UEM platform, Microsoft Intune.

Microsoft Intune Demo: Achieve unified device management

Discover the key features and benefits of Microsoft Intune.

Introducing Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune offers comprehensive endpoint management across your entire digital estate. Creating secure, compliant, and seamlessly connected work environments.

It simplifies and secures device management across platforms and can be crucial for modern mobile threat defence strategies.

This solution plays a multifaceted role:

  • Endpoint management: Microsoft Intune allows seamless management of various devices, including both organisation-owned and personal devices. It simplifies complex tasks involved in overseeing devices. Ensuring adherence to security standards, and maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Application and device management: Intune simplifies application deployment and automating policy deployment. Streamlining the management of applications across devices. Furthermore, Intune ensures the integration of other Microsoft services while embracing a zero-trust security model, thereby fortifying data protection and compliance measures.
  • Security and compliance: Microsoft Intune provides a robust system for securing devices and data. Which is crucial in the present climate of increasing cyber security threats. It offers a unified approach to managing user access and implements stringent security protocols. Thus reinforcing compliance with industry standards and internal policies.

Key features and benefits

Microsoft Intune offers features that streamline the management of devices and applications in modern workplaces.

Multi-platform device management

Addressing the complexity of modern workplaces, Intune offers a comprehensive device management approach.

It covers a broad spectrum of devices from organisational assets to personal ones.

This oversight spans across various platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS, ensuring a unified approach to security without compromising control.

Simplified application deployment

Facilitating streamlined workflows, Intune automates application distribution and installation, reducing the burden on IT teams and end users.

This automated process not only simplifies tasks but significantly enhances overall productivity by reducing manual inputs and effort.

Integration and compatibility

Microsoft Intune seamlessly integrates with Entra ID and other key Microsoft services for robust data protection, compliance, and security protocols.

This integration spans across various Microsoft 365 applications, offering a unified ecosystem enhancing security and ensuring compliance across diverse platforms and devices.

This unified approach streamlines management while enhancing overall security measures.

Robust security measures

68% of organisations2 have faced one or more endpoint attacks, compromising their data.

Furthermore, 55% of professionals3 consider smartphones to be amongst their most vulnerable endpoints.

Intune strengthens data security across devices with stringent access controls, encryption protocols, and data loss prevention measures.

Its integration with multi factor authentication (MFA) and conditional access augments security measures.

Additionally, pairing it with Defender for Endpoint significantly enhances threat detection capabilities.

Creating a powerful, dynamic security ecosystem addressing evolving risks. Embracing a zero-trust security model.

So, no matter the device or platform used, your sensitive data is protected.

Self-service capabilities

Microsoft Intune facilitates a user-friendly experience through the Company Portal app. Allowing self-service tasks like device enrolment, app installation, and PIN/Password resets.

Simultaneously, it empowers administrators with automated features for policy deployment and device management. Enhancing both security and workflow efficiency.

Enhanced compliance and data protection

Intune empowers organisations to consistently enforce compliance policies, mitigating vulnerabilities and risks.

It also lets you implement data protection measures. Making sure that devices accessing corporate resources adhere to rigorous security and compliance standards.

Scalability and adaptability

Being cloud-based, Intune offers scalability that enables it to support businesses as they grow or evolve.

Its adaptive nature allows customisation, ensuring tailored configurations for specific business needs.

Real-time monitoring capabilities

Intune offers real-time monitoring features using Microsoft Intune reports.

These help monitor endpoint health and activity across your organisation. Providing data on device compliance, health, and trends.

This real-time monitoring ensures proactive management, enabling prompt adjustments and maintenance for optimal device management.

Addressing common business problems with Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune equips IT teams with the tools to bolster device security, and streamline workflows to address contemporary business challenges.

It also accommodates the evolving needs of modern hybrid workforces, serving as a catalyst for efficient and secure business operations.

  • Streamlined workflows: Intune simplifies IT operations by automating routine tasks like policy deployment, software updates, and device configurations. This streamlining enables IT teams to focus on where they’re actually needed, rather than focusing on repetitive administrative tasks, boosting overall productivity.
  • Enhanced device security in a complex IT landscape: In complex, multi-platform IT environments, Intune provides a robust security framework, ensuring device compliance with organizational standards. Its comprehensive security protocols safeguard against potential threats and vulnerabilities, reinforcing the resilience of the entire network.
  • Boosted productivity through automated policy deployment: With Intune’s automated policy deployment, organisations experience enhanced productivity. The seamless distribution of applications, updates, and security policies across devices ensures a consistent and secure work environment, minimising disruptions.
  • Flexibility in managing diverse devices for hybrid workforces: Intune accommodates the diverse device landscape characteristic of hybrid work models. It offers flexibility in managing various devices—company-owned or personal—across platforms. Creating a unified and secure working environment for remote and on-site employees alike.

Navigating Microsoft Intune licences

Microsoft Intune offers varied plans that cater to different user needs. From schools, smalls businesses, and enterprise level organisations.

Licencing plan overview

  • Intune Plan 1: Unified endpoint management included in subscriptions for Microsoft 365 E3, E5, F1, F3, Enterprise Mobility + Security E3 and E5, and Business Premium plans.
  • Intune Plan 2: Adds advanced endpoint management, which is part of the Intune Suite.
  • Intune Suite: Unifies advanced management and security solutions as an add-on to Intune Plan 1.

Licence plans


Intune Plan 1

Intune Plan 2

Intune Premium Suite

Cloud-based Unified Endpoint Management

Cross-platform Endpoint Management

Built-in Endpoint Security

Mobile Application Management

Endpoint Analytics

Microsoft Configuration Manager

Microsoft Intune Tunnel for Mobile Application Management

Microsoft Intune management of specialty devices

Microsoft Intune Remote Help

Available as an add-on

Microsoft Intune Endpoint Privilege Management

Available as an add-on

Microsoft Intune Advanced Analytics

Soon to be available as an add-on

Education and device management

For educational institutions, specific plans like Intune for Education are available. These are included in licenses such as Microsoft 365 Education A5 and A3.

Device enrolment and additional information

Enrolling Configuration Manager-managed devices into Intune for co-management requires specific licenses.

Standalone user/device subscriptions and device-only subscriptions for specific device management are available.

Understanding licensing is crucial for using Intune services.

Confirming your Intune license or trial and understanding Microsoft Entra ID P1 or P2 licensing can be done through specific steps outlined in Intune’s admin centre and the Azure portal.

For any more queries and assistance, Microsoft provides extensive support and resources for implementing and configuring Intune.


With the average data breach costing $4.27 million dollars4, it’s clear that the financial impact alone underlines the need for robust endpoint management solutions.

Microsoft Intune is an endpoint management solution that mirrors the evolving nature of work.

It simplifies device management across platforms, secures a diverse range of devices, and enables seamless remote work environments.

Its role in streamlining workflows, enhancing data protection and compliance, and empowering IT teams highlights its significance in tackling contemporary business challenges.

Key takeaways

  • Microsoft Intune simplifies device management across platforms.

  • The solution enhances data protection and compliance.

  • It streamlines workflows and empowers IT teams.

  • Integration with Microsoft services ensures a comprehensive management experience.

  • Overall, Microsoft Intune is pivotal in securing diverse devices for remote work.

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Microsoft Intune Demo: Achieve unified device management

Discover the key features and benefits of Microsoft Intune. See how you can:

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Mathew Richards

Head of Secure Digital Transformation

Mat has over 25 years’ IT experience, including seven years at Microsoft. He leads a team of consultants and architects that live and breathe secure transformation – delivering excellence across Microsoft 365 and Azure.

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