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Smart phone strategy? Take control of your company mobile budget

Andy Brown

Product Director

Published: 28 June 2023

Managing mobile budgets has a lot of moving parts. Lose control, and your costs can escalate fast. It’s time you took control of contracts, tariffs, and billing.

Over the years, we’ve worked with countless organisations who’ve been overspending on their mobile budget. Often, without even realising it.

Costs that are hidden within confusing, inflexible contract terms and tariffs. Complex billing that would bewilder the code-breakers of Bletchley Park.

You can then add in the human element.

The amount of data and frequency of use varies from person to person. Something which, if not accurately monitored, can lead to serious cost-inefficiencies.

And, with many IT teams under-resourced, overworked, or both, that level of monitoring itself comes at a cost.

Organisations will typically overspend by 20-30% on their corporate mobile budgets


Do you know who’s using what across your mobile fleet?

Whether through lack of time, technology, or understanding, companies often fail to truly analyse mobile usage in their organisation.

It’s a common mistake, and one that can be costly when it comes to contract negotiation.

Instead of looking into airtime usage of each user, they look at the overall usage rate of the entire estate.

By using this somewhat broad interpretation of their data, companies run the risk of entering into contracts that aren’t fit for purpose.

Which is why it’s vital that you…

Get to grips with contracts, tariffs and billing

Procurement teams can readily be enticed by the path of least resistance. The contract that offers x number of devices, for x number of years, with everyone having the same amount of minutes and data.

It’s simple, right?

Maybe. But it’s almost certainly costing you a lot more than you ought to be paying.

Let’s break this down a bit.

Horses are not for courses

Effectively, you’ve entered into a contract where everyone is on a tariff that’s not right for their needs.

On the one hand, you’re wasting money on airtime for users who never pick up their device. On the other, you’re risking high-volume users going over their allowance. Adding exorbitant extra costs to the monthly bill.

Things change, people change

The way people use their devices can often evolve during the term of a contract. Events like a change of job role or a shift to remote working can make a big difference to the way they use their mobile, or the amount of airtime they use.

Maybe they’re travelling more (or less). Perhaps they’ve stopped making calls in preference to a messaging tool like Microsoft Teams.

Have you accounted for potential changes within your contract?

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Lose the contractual straightjacket

When it comes to contracts, finding flexibility is the key.

This can be a challenge for a lot of organisations, where there’s often a disconnect between those negotiating the contracts, and those who manage them once in place.

All too often do we see organisations locked into inflexible contracts that don’t match their usage profiles and can’t accommodate inevitable changes during the term.

Companies are frequently enticed by promotional deals offering discounted rates for fixed terms and fixed airtime plans.

The trouble is these plans offer no wiggle room. When usage profiles change, you can be stuck paying for something you don’t need. Worse still, these contracts come with hidden costs that are easily missed or overlooked.

It’s imperative therefore, that you not only have a clear understanding of your requirements, but also knowledge of the mobile contract landscape.

Because what looks like a good deal on paper, almost always comes with a costly sting in the tail.

Better insight means more control over your spending

It’s obvious really, isn’t it?

Effective mobile device management is vital for retaining visibility and control over mobile usage, spending, and security.

Very often, however, this is easier said than done.

We regularly work with companies where IT is stretched to capacity, with neither the bandwidth nor the tools to accurately monitor mobile usage. Or businesses with major gaps in inventory knowledge, who’ve lost track of the number of users and devices within their network.

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Learn how a major investment company reduced its mobile costs by 60%

This lack of visibility not only leads to a loss of control over costs, but also a heightened risk of data leaks.

This is where working with partners who have the tools, experience, and expertise can help.

With the right managed mobile partner, you’re investing in a resource that enables full monitoring and visibility over every user and device in the company.

Helping you to:

  • Reduce overspending and avoid instances of ‘Bill Shock’
  • Have clear sight of all devices and how they’re being used
  • Enforce usage policies and meet compliance requirements
  • Deprovision devices and improve data protection measures

Don’t let your company mobile budget run wild

Getting control over your company mobile budget can be a challenge when teams are already time-poor and under-resourced.

We get that.

But, it’s also hugely important if you’re serious about saving money in your business.

With mobile devices so prevalent in the modern business, the capacity for over-spending and cost-leakage is huge if not managed correctly. And directly impacting your bottom-line.

That’s where we come in.

We bring years of experience and expertise in the mobile contract space. Plus a range of versatile cutting-edge technology for monitoring usage, inventory, and security threats.

Which means we can help you understand your needs, negotiate the best plan for your business, and stay in control of your budget at all times.

Making overspending a thing of the past, while freeing up precious time for your internal teams.

Get a mobile health check to see where you can start saving. Talk to our team today. 

Key takeaways

  • Mobile usage varies from person to person, making uniform plans cost-inefficient.

  • Contracts and tariffs can be complex and fraught with hidden costs and charges.

  • Companies typically overspend by 20-30% on mobile budgets.

  • Internal teams often don’t have adequate time, resource, or knowledge.

  • Poor monitoring can lead to excessive costs and greater security risks.

  • A managed mobile partner can overcome resource issues and save money.



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Revealed: How to save 30% on device management

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Andy Brown

Product Director

Former Head of Global Mobile Engineering at HSBC, Andy is incredibly enthusiastic about all of Kocho’s tech solutions – and the problems they can solve for our clients.

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