Andy Brown | Product Director, Kocho

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My goal is to ensure that we keep up to date with market trends, and continue to deliver the best technology, service and solutions for customers.

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I began working with mobile technology when I was the Head of Global Mobile Engineering for HSBC.

During that time, I worked a lot with an amazing company called Mobliciti.

I liked them so much I joined the Company. First as their Chief Operating Officer, and later as their Chief Technology Officer.

Mobliciti joined the Kocho family in October of 2022, and the integration means we’ve gone from strength to strength since then.

I now find myself in the role of Product Director at Kocho, over a proposition that delivers even more value to our customers.

Now, I can fulfil my ambition of delivering products and services to our customers that I myself would want to buy.

That’s my ‘Become Greater’ ambition.

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I feel great when I can take a moment to sit down and listen to my Vinyl collection, ideally with a nice glass of red.