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Case Study

Managed mobile services for Fidelity International

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Reducing costs by 60% and transforming the user experience.

Fidelity implemented our Managed Mobile Service to replace their existing mobile network service which had failed to adapt to the demands of their growing mobile workforce. Leaving the business with high monthly costs and limited support for the IT team to manage the mobile estate.

As a global business with thousands of employees worldwide, Fidelity is committed to ensuring its mobile workers remain productive, secure and cost-effectively connected at all times.

However, despite embracing mobile working, they were struggling with an outdated mobile network service and a contract that wasn’t flexible enough to adapt to changing business needs and the growing popularity of mobile and remote working.

Their challenges

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Escalating costs

With ever-increasing levels of roaming and mobile data usage, they were also experiencing significant cost challenges. This included regular “bill shock”, where individual’s bills would reach thousands of pounds per month.

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No reports or alerts

With limited visibility and reporting on their mobile usage from their network, Fidelity were were rarely aware of high roaming costs until they received their mobile invoice. Long after the costs were incurred.

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Lack of support

Fidelity were further challenged due to a lack of proactive support and limited contract flexibility.

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It’s clear that they care about us as a company and with what we are doing and spending, and that’s shone through.

Neil Coughlan

Senior Technical Manager, Fidelity

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Building on past successes

Having previously successfully worked with Kocho to implement secure authentication, Fidelity were keen to learn more about our Managed Mobile Service.

This included:

  • Proactive usage managed service
  • Tailored cost-effective tariffs designed to align with Fidelity’s mobile usage
  • An ‘Inview Mobile’ portal, providing clear and informative reporting  of data usage across the mobile estate
  • Customer care and full training

It was a package that appealed to Fidelity, who could see clear immediate and long-term value from the proposition.

A smooth deployment

Within 6 months of deployment, Fidelity’s IT team had already recognised the hugely positive impact on their team and the business.

As a global finance company, any potential downtime during the migration of services was initially a major concern, as this could potentially have left employees unable to access vital information. However, any initial worries were swiftly abated by Kocho’s project managed migration service, which delivered a seamless switchover.

As part of the migration planning, both businesses worked closely together to put in place a remediation plan, to ensure immediate response and support was on hand in the unlikely scenario that an incident did occur. Whilst it wasn’t necessary to invoke the plan, they felt confident to progress knowing it was on standby.

Fidelity was struck by how positive an experience the migration was. The process of transferring over thousands of connections from their previous provider was a large piece of work.

However, by working alongside Kocho, no users experienced any impact during the migration.

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We wanted someone who could look at our usage, look at our month-on-month trends, and come back and advise us on it.

Neil Coughlan, Senior Technical Manager, Fidelity

Improving the user experience

Whilst many of the users are based in UK offices, they also support mobile and remote working. Something that many employees take advantage of on a regular basis.

To improve the end-user experience and provide enhanced coverage, we introduced Wi-Fi calling as a service. This meant all users could access a quality mobile signal, even where the local signal is poor, so long as they’re connected to Wi-Fi.

A service that’s been well received by employees, ensuring they remain connected and can continue to be productive outside of the corporate offices.

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We’re blown away with the service. Since the first day, it’s been superb. They held our hand through everything at the start and made the whole migration a really simple process.

Neil Coughlan, Senior Technical Manager, Fidelity

Personalised ‘Inview’ mobile portal and alerting

As part of the service, Fidelity automatically received proactive monitoring of their mobile costs and usage. Plus, they have access to our innovative Inview Mobile management portal.

As part of the project establishment, we provided full training, showing them how to monitor their mobile estate and usage via the Inview Mobile portal. We also configured the branded user statements for employees.

Using the Inview Mobile portal, Fidelity are now able to actively monitor the usage across all their connections, based on tailored alerts and policy rules. Any inactive connections are also automatically identified and removed where applicable, and the built-in trend reporting provides greater clarity on changing usage profiles and needs.

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Where ‘bill-shock’ used to be a regular monthly occurrence, with in-month alerting and reporting, Fidelity can manage roaming and data costs, before they get out of control.

As a result, costs have now stabilised and at a much-reduced level, and when issues do arise, they know that Kocho will act swiftly to alert the user and IT team to gain a speedy resolution. Additionally; as part of the monthly service review, any changing trends and less urgent actions are highlighted, to ensure costs always remain under control.

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We’re looking at a cost-saving of 60% per month based on our last contract.

Neil Coughlan, Senior Technical Manager, Fidelity

Transforming the mobile experience

Our Managed Mobile service delivers a bespoke approach to Fidelity’s airtime needs ensuring that users can roam without concern as they travel the globe on business.

This has helped them to tackle significant previous mobile challenges that were impacting end-users, the in-house IT team and budgets.

They’re now confident that they’ve gained control of their mobile usage and costs, and with the Inview Mobile portal have quality management information at hand whenever it’s required.

With the tailored support, Fidelity knows that the answer to any queries or problems is always available, which has created an extremely positive experience for everyone involved.

Key benefits

  • Cost-savings of 60% per month based on previous contract

  • Proactive monitoring and reporting of mobile costs and usage

  • Access to Kocho’s Inview Mobile management portal

  • Full training on how to monitor the mobile estate and usage

  • Pre-configured branded user statements for employees

  • Zero user impact during migration

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