Microsoft Azure AD External Identities

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Engage, collaborate, and interact with your customers and partners via a seamless and secure access experience.

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Achieve easy access for approved users with Azure AD External Identities.

No organisation works in isolation. Whether you’re providing a portal for customers to access their orders or collaborating with partners and suppliers to deliver a better service – life’s better when we all work together.

But enabling collaboration between IT environments without sacrificing security can be a tricky challenge to solve.

Microsoft’s Azure AD External Identities solution brings the B2B and B2C elements of seamless access together to ensure that interactions between your organisation and its partners and customers is as productive as it is secure.

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65% of organizations can't identify the third-parties with access to their most sensitive data.

Ponemon, A Crisis in Third-party Remote Access Security, 2021

Play nice with your partners and customers

Make it easy for your external users to access the resources and services they need. Ensure they leave happy by providing smooth, seamless digital experiences.

Azure AD External Identities helps you:

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    Empower external users to ‘bring their own identity’ and sign-in via their preferred service

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    Securely share documents, data, resources, and services with partners for easy collaboration

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    Consolidate your identity management by bringing all users into one easy-to-use portal

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    Create a customisable access experience that works for any user – on any device

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Don’t leave a bad impression on your external users

Poor external user access experiences are bad for business. In fact, 59% of people would walk away from a company or product they love after several bad experiences, 17% would leave after just one (PwC, Future of Customer Experience Survey).


Your challenges:

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Poor user experiences

Your external digital experience is fraught with interruptions and technical difficulties.

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Manual account creation

New user identities must be created in your environment, causing legacy access issues.

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Bad access management

No control over what files can be accessed or what external users can do with them.

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Disconnected identities

You’re managing multiple identity systems that aren’t working together.

Open doors instead of burning bridges

Use Azure AD External Identities to provide your partners, distributors, suppliers, vendors, and customers with an ideal end-to-end experience – and watch your digital relationships bloom.

You’ll benefit from:

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Seamless authentication

Empower your external users to securely log in via a variety of corporate, government, or social sign-in options (Google, Facebook, etc.).

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Flexible collaboration

Remove barriers to working with partners and work in any Office 365, SaaS, or custom line-of-business app or service.

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Custom sign-in settings

Create fully branded customer-facing apps and define your preferred process for partner account creation.

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Identity protection

Utilise Azure AD’s identity protection features to monitor and detect suspicious activity, helping you stop threats fast.

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Cloud-powered scalability

Harness the flexibility of the Cloud to expand or contract your external access requirements as needed.

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