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Partner Identity Management Services

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Don’t set your business relationship status to ‘it’s complicated’ – break down digital barriers and efficiently collaborate with your partners to get the job done.

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Safely and seamlessly interact with your external partners and suppliers.

Organisations rely on an everchanging network of partners to do business. To keep pace with dramatic shifts in the business landscape, these external users need to access corporate resources and interact with your workforce now – nobody wants to wait until tomorrow.

But how do you provide rapid access to data and applications across a complicated partner ecosystem without cutting corners and risking a security breach?

Not to worry, a powerful combination of Kocho expertise and cutting-edge partner identity management tools will have you seamlessly and securely collaborating with your partners in next to no time.

72% of enterprises don’t have adequate tools and processes in place to manage third-party access.

Deloitte, Global Outsourcing Survey, 2020

Make your organisation a pleasure to work with.

Everything’s better when we work together.

With our help, you can ensure your partners and suppliers can access the people and resources they need – without becoming frustrated or bringing productivity to a standstill.

We can help you:

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    Balance security and convenience with strong authentication and streamlined user journeys

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    Accelerate adoption of apps and resources by allowing users to ‘bring your own identity’

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    Keep overheads to a minimum – easily manage all user directories from a single portal

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    Reduce risk and stay compliant as you leverage Azure AD’s intelligent security capabilities

Are partners giving you the cold shoulder?

You need to collaborate with multiple organisations and individuals beyond the boundaries of your business – all without sacrificing security. If you can’t, your relationships could soon come under strain.

Your challenges:

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Partner entitlements overextend with inadequate policies and access controls.

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Takes too long to onboard users and provide access to required data and applications.

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Managing the partner identity lifecycle adds complexity and increased liability.

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User friction

Password fatigue with users forced to use different credentials across apps and portals.

Grow your digital connections with a comprehensive partner identity management service

Our services take care of:

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Guest user management

Define and build the user journey, including sign up, sign in, and password reset.

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System integration

Integrate your web and mobile applications, your back office, and other systems.

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Access and governance

Enable your external users to access the right systems at the right time.

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Strong authentication

Ensure user and device security goes beyond simple usernames and passwords.

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Featured technology

Azure AD External Identities

Our partner identity management solutions are built using Azure Active Directory External Identities. Microsoft’s cloud-based identity and access management service manages over 1.2 billion identities and processes over 8 billion authentications every day.

With Azure AD External Identities, you can extend industry-leading security experiences to guest users and collaborate safely with your partners.

Security and convenience – it’s a partnership!

We’ll help you remove the barriers that prevent effective collaboration and slow you down. Safely take advantage of external expertise and successfully grow your business.

You’ll benefit from:

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Smart security

Machine learning, MFA, and conditional access based on user, device, location, and session risk.

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Frictionless UX

Secure, seamless access with single sign-on (SSO) and social identities (e.g., Facebook).

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Lower costs

Remove identity and credentials administration and support tickets (e.g., password reset).

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Faster results

Remove application silos and allow guest users to work collaboratively with your workforce.

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