Microsoft Power BI

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Empower every user to explore and visualise business intelligence (BI) – and create a truly data-driven culture of innovation.


Breathe new life into your data analytics with Microsoft Power BI.

Good data is an essential ingredient to success for any organisation – but it’s only as useful as what it can tell you.

Without a way to correlate, analyse, and coherently present insights, the value of your data will remain limited.

Thanks to Microsoft’s Power BI, you can draw meaningful conclusions from your business intelligence via a combination of innovative analytics, machine learning, and reporting tools.

Microsoft Power BI is a recognised ‘Leader’ in augmented business intelligence.

The Forrester Wave: Augmented BI Platforms, Q3 2021

Power BI: Make strong, data-driven decisions at every level.

Microsoft Power BI enables you to generate unique insights and reports using hundreds of visualisation options, built in AI support, seamless Excel integration, and pre-built and custom data connectors.

Microsoft Power BI helps you:

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    Create highly visual interactive reports that can be easily shared throughout your organisation

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    Produce paginated reports in Power BI’s Report Builder for easy reading or printing/pdf creation

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    Instil a data-driven culture by allowing every user to view analytics relevant to their role

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    Keep data secure through sensitivity labels, end-to-end encryption, and real-time access monitoring

Are day-to-day data troubles slowing you down?

Being able to draw on your business data at any time, from any device, has become a necessity for modern business. Without the ability to do so, productivity frequently stalls or suffers delays until users can access the data they need to effectively do their job.

Your challenges:

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Ease of access

Only certain colleagues can retrieve the data necessary to make decisions.

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Old data

Reports are manually exported and saved down, quickly becoming out of date.

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Time scarcity

Preparing reports and visually appealing presentations is slow and time consuming.

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Measuring success

Proving performance is often a patchy, manual process prone to error.

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You’ve got the touch, you’ve got the Power (BI)

You’ll benefit from:

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High customisation

Choose from hundreds of data visualisation options and reporting configurations.

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Unrivalled security

Secure access through Azure AD, then label sensitive data with Microsoft Information Protection.

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Data loss prevention (DLP)

Apply DLP and governance policies to ensure reports are seen and shared appropriately.

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Unlimited scale

From single user self-serve to entire enterprise analytics – Power BI can scale to suit your needs.

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Real-time insights

Stream analytics in real time so you’re always acting on the very latest information.

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Streamlined sharing

Ensure the right people have the data they need by seamlessly sharing reports in the Power BI Service.

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