Microsoft Defender for Cloud

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Feel confident in your cloud security. Continuously assess, secure, and defend your cloud environment with ease.

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Improve your security posture and stop threats fast with Microsoft Defender for Cloud.

Moving to the Cloud opens up a world of opportunities – both for your organisation and for potential attackers.

A poorly configured and unsecured cloud network is an open invitation, so the ability to monitor and protect your cloud services and resources is essential.

Microsoft Defender for Cloud gives you the visibility and response power to improve your cloud security posture and protect your workloads across multi-cloud and hybrid environments.

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79% of companies have experienced at least one cloud data breach – with 43% reporting 10 or more breaches in the past 18 months.

IDC Cloud Security Survey 2021

Bring some clarity to your cloud operations

Microsoft Defender for Cloud unites the two pillars of cloud security: cloud security posture management (CSPM) and cloud workload protection (CWP).

Microsoft Defender for Cloud helps you:

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    Easily identify misconfigurations and vulnerabilities then apply recommended remediations

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    Bring all your cloud security data into a single view – simplifying and enhancing management

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    Continuously score your cloud security performance against the Azure Security Benchmark

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    Protect against cyber attack by quickly identifying malicious activity and responding at speed

Feeling lost in the clouds? The forecast isn’t good

Cloud networks evolve quickly and at scale – faster than security staff alone can keep up with. Without the tools and controls in place to keep on top of it, your cloud network is an accident waiting to happen.


Your challenges:

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Poor visibility

You’ve no insight into your current cloud security posture or how you can improve.

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Threat detection

Attacks go unnoticed by your security team and misconfigurations are exploited with ease.

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Achieving compliance

You’re unable to locate or secure cloud-based data, risking non-compliance and a hefty fine.

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Lack of integration

Your security solutions don’t talk to each other – causing data to be patchy or unreliable.

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Meet the silver lining to your cloud conundrum

Microsoft Defender for Cloud can give you the visibility and control to effectively manage and improve the security of your cloud environment.

You’ll benefit from:

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A clear view

Bring all your cloud security data into a single pane of glass – no matter if you’re multi-cloud or hybrid.

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Improved posture

Use Secure Score to assess your current performance then easily apply recommended improvements.

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Threat protection

Detect malicious behaviour using Microsoft Threat Intelligence and mitigate vulnerabilities and threats fast.

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Complete compliance

The Azure Purview integration will help you discover, classify, track and secure data across your cloud workloads.

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Simplified security

Manage your cloud security from a single location and see how you’re performing using real-time score assessments.

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An integrated approach

Defender for Cloud works with Microsoft 365 Defender and Microsoft Sentinel to provide true extended detection and response (XDR).

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