Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics

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Ingest and transform data at scale – creating effective data models to help make better business decisions.


Azure Synapse Analytics is your one-stop platform to unlock transformative business value.

Azure Synapse Analytics enables real-time data insights through data integration, enterprise data warehousing, and big data analytics in one cutting-edge analytics platform.

Ingest, explore, prepare, transform, manage, and serve data with sub-second turnaround on even the most complex of queries.

Used to its full potential, it’s a powerful engine for business-wide digital transformation fuelling everything from Power BI dashboards to advanced machine learning solutions.

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Azure Synapse Analytics helps organisations get insights up to 380% faster and for 49% less than other cloud providers.

Microsoft Cloud Analytics Platform Total Cost of Ownership report, 2021

Apply unmatched analytical ability to your business intelligence

Transforming your data – from all its different locations and formats – into a useable model is a tricky task. It’s also essential if you want to see the big picture and make informed decisions to help your organisation grow.

Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics helps you:

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    Bring data science and data engineering together to deliver robust business insights

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    Speed up the rate of innovation and decision making in your organisation

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    Get your business match-fit to act on the transformative benefits of machine learning

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    Store your data securely in an accessible format for in-depth analysis

Don’t let good data go to waste

With data becoming increasingly disparate, it can be hard to get a handle on what you’ve got where – let alone draw any conclusions from it.


Your challenges:

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Data needs to be housed in a way that allows it to be easily analysed.

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The business needs to be protected against the risk of data loss.

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To operate at speed, you need almost real time insights.

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Patchy data stops you seeing the whole picture.

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Bring out the best in your data – and achieve your full business potential

Azure Synapse Analytics acts as the powerhouse for transforming and analysing your data – generating insights that can help you identify new opportunities.

You’ll benefit from:

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Limitless scale

Manage huge and complex workloads without compromising speed or performance.

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Powerful insights

Elevate your dashboards and apply machine learning to your intelligent apps.

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A unified experience

Apply a joined-up approach to developing end-to-end analytics solutions.

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Conerged analytics

Get accurate insights from your operational data in almost real time.

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Best-in-Class security

Utilise market-leading security and privacy features to ensure your data stays safe.

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Flexible compatability

Draw on and transform different data formats to analyse data on your terms.

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