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Better Together: Kocho and Mobliciti unite to provide comprehensive digital solutions

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Des Lekerman


Published: 15 May 2023

Kocho has announced the successful integration of Mobliciti into its brand identity, bringing together their expertise and expanding their range of digital security and cloud transformation solutions under one unified banner.

Mobliciti to Kocho logo

Kocho is pleased to announce that Mobliciti is now officially operating under the Kocho banner and company identity.

The industry-leading digital security and cloud transformation specialists welcomed Mobliciti into the Kocho family in September 2022.

This transition is the result of months of planning and preparation, and it marks a significant milestone for both companies.

By bringing Mobliciti under the Kocho brand, the company now offers a wider range of services and solutions to clients. Allowing us to better protect their digital assets and optimise their cloud infrastructure.

With this integration, Kocho are able to leverage the expertise and experience of Mobliciti, and track record in mobile device management and security solutions.

Together, we will offer a more complete range of cyber security services helping our clients defend against the ever-evolving threat landscape.


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It’s been a great start, and we’ve made good progress over the last six months, working with the team and integrating Mobliciti in to the Kocho family

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Des Lekerman

CEO, Kocho

Coming under one banner

As part of this transition, Mobliciti has undergone extensive rebranding to align with the Kocho identity.

The company’s website, social media profiles, and marketing materials have been updated to reflect the new branding, and all communications will now be conducted under the Kocho name.

We’re really excited about the integration of Mobliciti into the company, as well as our shared focus on clients in the legal sector and complementing skills.

Mobliciti was a natural addition for Kocho in terms of skills, people, and a focus on clients in the  legal sector. It’s been a great start, and we’ve made good progress over the last six months, working with the team and integrating them in to the Kocho family.

With this integration, Kocho is well-positioned to continue providing innovative solutions that help businesses navigate the complexities of the digital world.

A more complete security offering

Overall, Kocho’s acquisition of Mobliciti and the subsequent integration into the Kocho brand represent an exciting development in the company’s growth and expansion.

Now that both companies operate under the same banner, Kocho looks forward to collaborating with clients to create personalised solutions that address their specific requirements. While safeguarding their digital security in an ever-changing landscape.

By planting a foot firmly in the mobile security market, and with a renewed focus on digital security and cloud transformation, Kocho is poised to become an even more significant player in the industry.

Offering a comprehensive suite of services that help businesses of all sizes stay secure and competitive in the digital age.

If you’d like to find out more about the full range of Kocho’s offerings, then we’d love to hear from you.


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