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Microsoft Copilot available for all – our tips for practical deployment

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Mathew Richards

Head of Secure Digital Transformation

Published: 19 January 2024

Copilot for Microsoft 365 became generally available on 15 January 2024. It’s set to revolutionise how we work, but there are important steps you need to consider first. 

This week Microsoft announced that Copilot for Microsoft 365 is now generally available to all organisations, with no minimum seat requirement.

It’s available as a £296.40 per user per year add-on to existing subscriptions.

To access, you can get it via your Enterprise Agreement (EA) contract, a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), or directly through a Microsoft Partner like Kocho.

Academic SKUs and pricing are also available.

Unlocking the potential of generative AI for all

Microsoft 365 Copilot promises a new era of productivity and efficiency. A revolution in the way we work through the ground-breaking combination of large language models with Microsoft 365 applications.

Given this potential, it won’t be long until Copilot is seen as essential to the modern workplace. A tool that unlocks new levels of productivity, creativity and seamless integration. That enables organisations to enhance skills and on the job learning, while empowering informed decision making.

You can learn more about the possibilities of Copilot by watching our latest on-demand webinar: AI Tech Update Special.

Contemplating Copilot? Make sure you stay in the driver’s seat

We know it’s all exciting stuff.

Which is why many organisations will want to move fast on this.

But at Kocho, we’re advising our clients to take a measured approach and plan carefully before you jump in.

The last thing you want to do is surface meaningless, or worse, dangerous data to the wrong people. Imagine giving employees the power to uncover your CEO’s salary. Or inadvertently reveal an employee’s personal details.

It could happen.

Do you fully understand the potential ROI? Do you have the necessary layers of security and compliance in place?

This is why we’re advocating clients develop a clear business case and user adoption plan. To consider data hygiene, security, and compliance issues ahead of deploying this powerful new tech into their environment.

We believe there are some critical pre-requisites to consider before you turn anything on:

  • Engaging business change consultants early.

  • Ensuring proper data access, security, and compliance.

  • Effective communication, user training, and adoption.

  • Strengthening identity governance procedures.

To help our clients, Kocho has developed a Copilot Strategy Advisory Process that will help you steer a safe path to AI success.

5 Steps to Copilot Success

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Discovery and education

We’ll educate you on the ‘art of the possible’ with Copilot. Explaining how the various Copilot technologies can work together to revolutionise your organisation.

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Business readiness

We’ll help you develop and refine your business case for Copilot adoption through interviews, workshops, and business analysis. Defining a set of personas and scenarios for common processes and data needs.

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Technical readiness

We’ll review and tune your current access and data security models, to control the secure and compliant surfacing of the right data to the relevant people.

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Adoption and refinement

We’ll provide training resources, communication plans, and adoption portals to ensure your teams are engaging with Copilot in a productive fashion.

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Future proofing

We’ll work with you to ensure ongoing access governance processes are in place to help you stay in control of who has access to what.

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Mathew Richards

Head of Secure Digital Transformation

Mat has over 25 years’ IT experience, including seven years at Microsoft. He leads a team of consultants and architects that live and breathe secure transformation – delivering excellence across Microsoft 365 and Azure.

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