Tony Simmonds | Director of Business Transformation

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Helping businesses hit their goals and sustain their success is what I do!

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For me, it’s all about the end user! After all, organisational outcomes are the collective result of individual change.

For the best part of 20 years, I’ve worked in client-side operations and process improvement roles.

Having worked within these environments, I’m able to look at things from a customer’s point of view – I’ve been there and I’ve jumped the hurdles. I understand the importance of managing resistance, overcoming impact, and getting things right!

We deliver success time and time again because we are a customer-centric, service-driven business.

Before joining Kocho, I was Director of Process Improvement for a global media publisher.

My ‘Become Greater’ ambition is to keep our people and customer focus sharp. We’re nothing without our people and customers!

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I feel great being out on my bike, exploring mountain trails for the adrenaline, or on the river paddle boarding for the calm. This is where I’m happiest!