Microsoft Azure Data Lake

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Take the pain out of big data – store unlimited information and accelerate enterprise-grade analysis.

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Unleash the potential of big data with Microsoft Azure Data Lake.

Big data can be a big problem to solve. And it’s a problem that’s only growing, well, bigger.

Organisations are acquiring and producing more data with each passing day, housed in many different formats in many different locations.

Without the ability to consolidate, process, and analyse the enormous amounts of information stored across different clouds and environments, you could soon find yourself adrift in an ocean of disconnected data.

Azure Data Lake is designed to ease that burden and tackle big data at an enterprise level – allowing you to turn your data inhibitions into intelligent data-driven decisions.

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95% of businesses cite the need to manage unstructured data as a problem.

Forbes, 2019

Deep dive into your data to deliver actionable insights at scale

Azure Data Lake can store data of any size and format, process, and analyse across multiple platforms and programming languages.

Azure Data Lake helps you:

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    Integrate all your data from all its locations into a single data warehouse for analysis

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    Adopt a low-cost approach toward data storage, processing, and analytics

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    Keep data secure with native identity and security solution integration

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    Get control of your data fast – no requirement for additional servers or infrastructure

Drowning in disparate data?

Big data by its very nature involves enormous amounts of data stored in disparate systems and platforms. Getting all that data into a manageable state is key to unlocking its value.


Your challenges:

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Data overload

You’ve got vast volumes of data, with no way to make sense of it.

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Quality control

Finding and fixing data quality issues is impossible at scale.

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Storage space

Siloed data in different formats and sizes incurs extra cost.

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No data governance strategy or controls.

Distil the insights you deserve with Azure Data Lake

Pool your data into a single location in all its forms – then process and analyse at scale to draw meaningful conclusions.

You’ll benefit from:

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Unlimited storage

Store trillions of files accommodating individual file sizes greater than a petabyte in size.

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Controlled costs

Choose between an on-demand or pay-per-job approach and scale to meet your needs.

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Cutting-edge security

Take advantage of included security, encryption, and governance features.

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Native integrations

Authenticate through Azure AD and provide single sign-on (SSO) to your users.

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Powerful processing

Developers, data scientists, and analysts can process data any way they choose.

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Hybrid support

Use Azure Data Lake’s HDInsight component to extend your on-premises data infrastructure to the Cloud.

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