Azure AD Identity Governance

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Powerful tools for auditing and policing resource access. Improve your visibility and make assigning access easier for end users and your IT department.


Ensure the right people have the right access with Azure AD Identity Governance.

Data is one of your most important assets – the lifeblood of your organisation’s operations.

It’s also one of your biggest risks – the constant threat of information being misused or falling into the wrong hands.

You need visibility of who has access to what. You need the ability to adjust levels of access, so only the right people have access for the right amount of time to avoid the abuse of excessive privileges.

And you need to do it all while making life easy for the end user!

That’s where Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Identity Governance comes in.

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40% of insider incidents involve an employee with privileged access to company assets.

IBM, Insider Threat Report, 2021

Balance security, productivity – and everything else

Azure AD Identity Governance lets you monitor and audit access to your key resources – ensuring people only have the access levels they need (and you can prove it!).

Azure AD Identity Governance helps you:

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    Police access with powerful auditing tools and automated notifications

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    Reduce the burden on your IT department through peer collaboration

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    Prevent security breaches by maintaining appropriate access levels

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    Ensure access is removed when privileged users no longer require it

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You can’t control what you can’t see

If you don’t have visibility and control over your data, or the management of your resources and privileges, you’re leaving yourself open to mission critical issues.


Your challenges:

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Permissions errors

Users are granted access to resources they shouldn’t be – creating a serious security risk.

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Compromised accounts

It only takes a single compromised account to wreak untold havoc in your organisation.

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Poor record keeping

A weak audit trail makes it difficult to remember and justify the reason for a user’s access.

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Oudated access

Inappropriate access and permissions for users who have left or changed roles.

Regain control over your identity governance

Azure AD Identity Governance gives you verifiable controls to ensure users only have access to the resources they need – and you know what they’re doing with it!

You’ll benefit from:

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Improved visibility

Audit users accessing highly privileged roles. Receive notification of privileged role activation to prevent access falling out of date – leading to potential compromises in your governance strategy.

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Flexible collaboration

Easily collaborate with parties outside your organisation who are in another directory. Quickly assign specific approvers to manage any requests coming from that organisation.

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Faster processes

Assign and remove permissions – for internal and external users – to resource collections, all in one go. Save your IT team a lot of time and headaches, without compromising your governance strategy.

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Recurring optimisation

Approve or deny continued access to a group of resources, and organise or update older or changing groups – all while retaining control of the fast-moving access and permissions environment your organisation exists in.

Identity Governance features

Click the headings to the right to learn more about key management and automation features.

  • Privileged identity management (PIM) notifies you of any privileged role activation. This helps prevent the assignment of privileged access becoming out of date – and all the security implications that then arise.

    With PIM you can:

    • Add and remove users from privileged roles
    • ‘Elevate’ access just-in-time
    • Control and audit the access elevation
  • Entitlement management brings you the concept of ‘access packages.’ These are collections of resources (such as security groups) that internal and external users can apply for, all in one go.

    It allows:

    • Members of your directory to apply for access packages, along with external users
    • Up to two approval stages to be added – this ensures that users are checked
    • Members to be removed from all resources in the package
    • Members to be removed from your tenant at the same time
  • Access reviews are a flexible tool allowing members of a group or an access package to self-review. In the case that they are not trusted to do this, a group owner or another individual can carry out the review.

    Access reviews can be combined with access packages to elevate your identity management:

    • Reviewers can approve or deny continued access or ignore the review.
    • You can configure the review to interpret ‘ignore’ as ‘deny’.
    • Decisions taken during the review can be actioned, if required.
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