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Compliance Services

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Meeting your compliance obligations can be a daunting prospect. Fortunately, we’re on hand to help minimise your risks and maximise your compliance posture.

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Put some confidence into your compliance policies – and protect your business.

Whilst regulation differs by industry, there are common questions businesses are expected to answer: Do you understand your compliance obligations?

Are your current compliance processes fit for purpose? Do you have a documented plan to address any shortfalls and demonstrate improvement?

Knowing where you stand and what you’re doing next is more than just good compliance – it’s good business.

Data lost due to inadequate systems can have a devastating impact in terms of customer confidence, information falling into the hands of competitors, and significant fines.

Using our extensive knowledge of Microsoft 365, we’ll help you get control over your compliance – so you can focus on achieving your business aims without the worry.

The value of both compliance testing and monitoring is compounded when it is repeated over time.

Howard Friedman, Director, Deloitte Advisory, Deloitte & Touche LLP

Meet your regulation requirements with ease

Getting a handle on compliance is essential for any successful enterprise – but the sheer scale of the task may tempt you to put it off. Don’t.

We’ll work with you to ensure you have the visibility and control to know what you have, where, who can access it – and how to prove it.

We can help you:

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    Understand your current compliance posture and identify areas for improvement

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    Plan and implement systems and controls included in your Microsoft 365 licence

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    Implement data classification and sensitivity labels to ensure your data is protected

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    Establish processes and configurations to address suspicious activity within your environment

Have you lost control of your compliance?

Without the systems and controls in place to comply with regulations – and the ability to take corrective action when required – you could be asking for big trouble.

Your challenges:

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Confidence in compliance

Not understanding your current compliance posture or how to improve.

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Gaining technical control

No platform in place to ensure continuous compliance with regulation.

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Data protection and governance

Lacking embedded procedures to mitigate loss and quickly deliver data.

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Cost of compliance

Struggling to meet your compliance needs without burning through your budget.

A comprehensive compliance service tailored to your needs

Our services take care of:

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Posture assessment

Get a view of how you’re performing with regular reviews to see improvements.

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Data protection

Configure data loss prevention policies, define classification, and label sensitive data.

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Data governance

Identify retention requirements and implement retention labels and policies.

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Risk management

Operational processes to detect, investigate, and respond to problematic activity.

Featured technology

Microsoft 365 Compliance

There are several comprehensive and integrated tools within Microsoft 365 designed to help you tackle compliance risks. We can implement the right features to meet your requirements and improve your compliance posture.

  • Safeguard sensitive data across clouds, apps, and endpoints.


    • Data classification
    • Information protection and encryption
    • Data loss prevention
    • Information governance
    • Records management
    • Azure purview
  • Identify and remediate critical risks within your organisation


    • Insider risk management
    • Communication compliance
    • Core and Advanced eDiscovery
    • Advanced audit
    • Information barriers
    • Privileged access management
    • Customer lockbox
  • Access compliance controls and respond to regulatory requirements

    • Microsoft Compliance Manager

Take back control – and sleep better for it.

We’ll help you get peace of mind knowing you’re on top of your compliance requirements – and we’ll do it with minimal business disruption.

You’ll benefit from:

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Continuous improvement

Establish a robust compliance control system built up over time.

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Cost optimisation

Reduce costs with tools included as part of Microsoft 365.

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Data loss protection

Systematically and securely protect all your sensitive data.

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Companywide governance

Embed a companywide culture of continuous compliance.

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Effective data management

Easily adhere to data retention rules and life cycle guidelines.

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An adaptable approach

Create and adopt new compliance controls as and when required.

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