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AI and Data Analytics Services

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We believe that data deserves better. That’s why we’re adept at bringing all your data sources together and using it to drive powerful insights that can truly transform your business.

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Well-harnessed data is the catalyst to business success.

Intelligent data analytics platforms enable businesses to discover and act on insights at a level that wasn’t previously possible.

Bringing together data sources is giving companies real ‘light bulb’ moments to use AI to drive operational efficiencies and innovation.

But a shortage of data analytics skills means that organisations lacking the necessary inhouse expertise risk losing their competitive advantage.

Our AI and Data Analytics Services ensure that you’re always getting the full benefit from your business intelligence – helping you manage, transform, visualise, and implement data-driven innovation at scale.

Data and AI is not only about finding answers faster – but creating transparency around issues that have always been murky.

McKinsey & Company, 2021

Take your organisation to the next level with data and AI

We understand that unlocking data is the key to real business evolution.

We’ll make all your data accessible for easy analysis and support you in identifying how AI can modernise your business model.

We can help you:

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    Identify all your data sources and bring it together in a single depository

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    Utilise the value in newer data sources such as sensors, web traffic, videos etc.

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    Support you in building the business case for rapid digital transformation through AI

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    Design, test, and implement your new analytics analysis layer and AI solution

Can’t see the wood for the trees? Don’t let good data go to waste

Make sure you’re acting on the insights your data can give you – or risk losing out to your competitors.

Your challenges:

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Dispersed data

Your data is held in multiple sources, making it difficult to get a single view of the truth.

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Skills shortage

You struggle to get data into an accessible format and act on generated insights.

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Business adoption

Senior stakeholders don’t understand the untapped value that data and AI can bring.

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Solution design

You have the insights but can’t grasp the technology to drive the business forward.

AI and data analytics services to help you become greater

Our services take care of:

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Data source identification

We identify the new and existing data sources that can help drive your business forward.

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Data ecosystem set up

We ingest your data into a data warehouse and set up your analytics to start making sense of it.

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AI solution design

We design AI solutions that use your newly found insights to identify new opportunities for improvement.

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Business-wide adoption

We support you in helping your business understand, embrace, and adopt the change.

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Featured technology

Azure Synapse Analytics

Azure Synapse Analytics brings data engineering and analytics together to both broaden your insights and accelerate the speed at which they are developed.

Enable real-time insights and ingest, explore, and transform data with Microsoft’s powerful analytics engine.

Better data analytics = better business

Potential business improvements could be right in front of you. We’ll help you see them clearly with our cutting-edge data analytics and AI expertise.

You’ll benefit from:

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Operational efficiencies

AI solutions can vastly decrease the manual workload of your employees.

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True innovation

Data-led decisions have the most chance of successfully changing your business for the better.

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Compelling insights

Getting a handle on your business intelligence can foster a digitally driven culture.

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Increased satisfaction

Improvements are significant and motivate both your customers and employees.

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