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Moving on up: New offices for Kocho South Africa following rapid growth

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Published: 08 November 2023

Kocho’s South Africa branch moves to a larger, modern Century City office. Showcasing growth and global ambitions with a focus on a people-centric culture.

Underlining Kocho’s impressive growth in South Africa and its commitment to global expansion, the company has relocated to a more spacious and modern office.

Located in Century City, (often referred to as a ‘Smart City), it’s a move that affirms Kocho’s dedication to its South African clientele.

It also signals its ambitious goal to expand its presence in the region. As well as to become a global leader in managed services.

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A larger workspace for an expanding team

Kocho’s decision to relocate to a larger office is primarily driven by its remarkable growth in South Africa over the past year.

In October 2022, the South African branch had only 2 employees, and by October 2023, that number had grown to an impressive 54.

Located at Waterford House, the new space has plenty of scope for organic growth. Allowing it to sustain Kocho South Africa into the foreseeable future.

It’s not only more cost-effective per seat but also offers far fewer restrictions, allowing Kocho to express itself in the design of the office layout and branding.

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With its spacious open plan style and features, we are really proud to call this home.

Ricardo Canovi

Country Manager, South Africa, Kocho

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A modern space that puts its people first

Boasting state-of-the-art features and facilities, the new office space provides the South Africa team a spacious and inspiring working environment. Reinforcing the company-wide commitment to a people-first culture.

With its open-plan design, a spacious kitchen for staff to socialise in, and a generous entertainment area equipped with a large screen LCD and Sony PS5, as well as a pool table, the office fosters a dynamic and collaborative atmosphere for the team.

Covering an expansive area of 761 square meters, the office has a staff seating capacity of 100. This includes a branded reception area and two balconies for outdoor meetings or well-earned downtime for the staff.

Additionally, it offers a fully stocked kitchen and dining area, a server room, a relaxation/prayer room, a boardroom, and a telephone booth for quick meetings.

There’s also a 10-seater meeting room with video conferencing capabilities, and on-site parking options. Above and below ground.

A strategic relocation

Situated in Century City, the new office is conveniently located near Canal Walk. Making it easy for staff to use local amenities during their breaks.

Importantly, it’s also situated very close to the previous office, just 2 kilometres away, ensuring a smooth transition for the team.

The proximity to major business hubs and transport links enhances Kocho’s engagement with clients, making it easier for them to visit and collaborate with the company.

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Fostering Unity and Success

Kocho’s transition to a larger, more efficient office in Century City is symbolic of its expanding presence in South Africa and its global ambitions.

It underscores the company’s confidence in the South African market and signifies its commitment to long-term growth in the region.

According to Ricardo Canovi, Kocho’s country manager for South Africa, “Kocho’s new premises in Waterford House heralds in the next phase of Kocho SA’s growth strategy. Our new offices are the result of months of hard work that has certainly paid off!”

The new Century City office is a testament to Kocho’s commitment to providing a quality work environment that compares to its counterparts in London and Cardiff, creating a sense of unity across the globe.

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