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Constructing a mobile future: A device solution for a UK construction company

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Answering the challenge of managing multiple devices, company email, and Wi-Fi using Intune and System Center Configuration Manager.

Our client is an independent, family-owned construction company, founded in the 19th century with 2,000 employees and 16 offices in the UK.

With a large mobile workforce, mobility and communication are paramount in the construction industry.

The company needed a way to securely manage the growing number of employees’ mobile devices.

Using Microsoft Intune together with System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), Kocho designed a unified hybrid solution for managing both mobile and desktop devices.


  • A single console for managing on-premises devices as well as company and user-owned devices.

  • The ability to manage device-specific features (i.e., storage encryption, passwords).

  • An up-to-date inventory of company devices.

  • Secure device certification.

  • The ability to manage applications deployed to devices.

  • Automatic configuration of devices to give users Wi-Fi and email access.

  • Certificate management to support authentication for Wi-Fi access points.

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We proposed a solution that would offer all the features they needed, especially automatic provisioning of e-mail profiles to their mobile devices, and automatic provisioning of Wi-Fi profiles and their Wi-Fi hotspots.


Mathew Richards

Head of Secure Digital Transformation, Kocho

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The security challenge of using multiple devices on-site

With 2,000 employees and 16 offices in the UK, the company needed to find a way of managing multiple mobile devices (including Windows, iOS, and Android) used by their workforce.

The company were evaluating several solutions. One option was being offered through their mobile phone provider at a discount price but struggled to implement certain features.

Microsoft knew that their solution would meet the company’s needs and be a better fit. Knowing that Kocho had the expertise, they connected us to the client.

We introduced the company to the Windows Phone platform, which they liked very much and decided to standardise on.

But there was still the challenge of managing all their devices.

Building a unified device management system

We set up a proof-of-concept within the company’s production environment so that they could thoroughly test and evaluate a working solution.

As with any project, there were unexpected environmental hurdles to clear.

When we came across a challenge with certificate management, we took advantage of our close relationship with Microsoft.

Our colleagues in the engineering teams helped us to fix a localised problem with a robust solution.

From proof-of-concept to implementing a working system

Kocho first met the construction company in April 2014, trialling and evaluating proof-of-concept throughout the summer.

In October, we held a design workshop with the client, creating a design document describing the new production-ready architecture and configuration.

We progressed immediately into implementation. To fit in with the company’s user provisioning process, we enabled synchronisation between an AD group and Microsoft Intune.

This meant that each user was able to enrol themselves into the service, getting automatic access to their email and use of corporate resources and internet.

To access the Wi-Fi network, they needed a certificate provisioned for their device.

We made this possible through integration with a Microsoft certificate authority.

Device inventory and building a BYOD future framework

This solution also allowed the company’s IT team to see an inventory of all company devices.

They now know which devices have been deployed, the models, serial numbers, and users.

Now, all the foundations are in place to build on their solution to allow their end-users to bring their own devices (BYOD) at some point in the future.

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