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Become king of your cloud transformation castle


Are your security defences built to withstand modern cyber attacks, or as obsolete as a motte-and-bailey castle?

In the post-Covid business world, the benefits of the cloud have quickly moved from optional to necessary.

But all the advantages of cloud transformation are tempered by the increased risk from your growing attack surface and both internal and external threats.

In this webinar our secure transformation experts show you how building your cloud estate from the ground up with security in mind will help you fully exploit the benefits of the cloud whilst bolstering your security defences.

Discover how to build a security fortress for your business.

You'll learn:

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    Best practice tips for planning your cloud transformation journey

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    How to balance your digital transformation with security requirements

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    How to deploy a ‘zero trust’ mindset to cyber security across your network

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    How to drive user adoption and deliver cohesive organisational change

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    Why successful business transformation requires continuous support

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Jacques Fourie profile headshot


Jacques Fourie

As Director of Information Security at Kocho, Jacques primary focus is around security and risk, working across the business to understand client risk profile and to deploy a mitigation strategy using modern technology to protect against an ever-changing threat landscape.



Tony Simmonds

Tony is Kocho’s Head of Business Transformation, and leads a growing team of consultants committed to ensuring our clients’ technology deployments provide a frictionless experience for customers and employees and are built for long-term business success.

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