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Cloud Migration and Transformation Services

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Transform your business with the power of the Cloud. Use scale, security, and automation to drive growth, empower your people, and enhance your business operations.

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Securely harness the power of Microsoft’s Public Cloud to transform your business.

Ensuring your digital services can deliver in today’s modern market is essential.

We can help you create a continuous programme of improvement to modernise your IT and create tangible business advantage using cloud technology. 

Our expert experience in cyber security will ensure your solution is both robust and secure.

We’ll help you embrace the latest technologies to improve how you work – using data, applications, platforms, services, and collaboration to support a secure, flexible approach.

Moving to the Cloud offers significant opportunities to reimagine how you deliver services, whilst driving operational and cost efficiencies, providing agility, and transforming your business in a sustainable, cost-effective way.

With Kocho’s Cloud Migration and Transformation Services, we’ll help you rethink the possible and adopt technology successfully and securely.

The positive impact of cloud technology is almost instantaneous. 80% of companies report operational improvements within the first few months of adopting the tech.


Cloud transformation: The sky’s the limit

Achieve your organisation’s full potential by securely migrating your apps, software, data, and infrastructure into the Cloud.

We can help you:

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    Build a robust cloud migration strategy and roadmap

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    Enable best-in-class security and compliance solutions

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    Use your newly accessible data to drive real business value

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    Cost-optimise your cloud spend to maximise return on investment

Now is the time to transform – or get left behind

You need to optimise the full value of the Cloud to keep ahead of the competition.

Your challenges:

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Cloud migration strategy

Creating a clear scope of work or roadmap to structure your move to the Cloud.

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Budget management

Limited understanding of realistic migration costs to optimise and manage budgets.

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Data management

Creating a robust strategy for storage, recovery, and ongoing data access.

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Security and compliance

You need to protect your business against threats and data loss.

We’ll help you move to the Cloud with confidence

Our services take care of:

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Public Cloud strategy

A clearly defined Public Cloud strategy that targets your organisation’s aspirations and transforms your business.

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Cloud migration planning

We’ll provide a detailed roadmap to success with defined current and future state objectives and clear achievable work streams.

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Design and implementation

We’ll take care of the technical design and implementation to migrate to a public cloud platform.

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Change and adoption

Get your people to embrace the change and successfully adopt new technology and ways of working.

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Data storage and usage

A wide spectrum of data solutions – from insightful dashboards through to machine learning.

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Security and compliance

Best-in-class security and compliance advice and system set-up to help you meet regulation requirements.

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Cost optimisation

Current spend review with expert advice on how to better optimise your budgets.

Empower your organisation to become greater

We’ll help you make cloud technology work hard for your business so you can reap the benefits of greater efficiency, flexibility, and security.

You’ll benefit from:

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Seamless cloud migration

A customised cloud migration strategy from initial readiness through to optimised benefit realisation.

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Effective cloud control

Systems and tools to monitor and optimise your cloud spend – keeping you in control.

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Robust data management

Store and access your data in a way that drives your business forward.

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Best-in-class protection

Reassurance that you have multi-layer security and data protection policies in place.

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