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Microsoft Funded Security and Compliance Engagements

Kocho is excited to be partnering with Microsoft to provide 3 Microsoft funded engagements.

These engagements will support your organisation to discover and deploy new SIEM and XDR solutions using Sentinel and Defender, while also securing sensitive data to ensure compliance.

And, as a leading UK Microsoft security partner, they are delivered by people with unrivalled experience across a range of industries.

Defend Against Threats with Sentinel and XDR

The Defend Against Threats with Sentinel and XDR engagement will help you assess your organisation’s threats – and discover how Microsoft’s SIEM and XDR solutions can uplift your security.

As part of the engagement we’ll run a comprehensive Threat Check of your cloud environment, deliver in-depth security demos, and provide a detailed report with recommended next steps.

Key deliverables:

  • Identify your security threats with a unique Threat Check – and understand how resilient you are to a breach
  • Understand your security goals and objectives – and the tools that can help you achieve them
  • Active demonstrations of security technologies – including Microsoft Sentinel
  • Detailed plan with recommended next steps

Sentinel Migration and Modernisation

The Sentinel Migration and Modernisation engagment will provide clients with all the support they need to transition from an existing on-prem or competitive SIEM solution over to Microsoft Sentinel – enabling you to reap the efficiency and ROI rewards from a moder and hollistic cloud-native SIEM solution.

The engagment will allow clients access to funding and incentives alligned to successful deployment of Sentinel, coupled with the help of our security experts to help you with project scope, delivery, fine-tuning and optimisation.

Key deliverables:

  • Accelerate deployment and adoption Sentinel
  • Access Microsoft solution expertise and overcome security obsticles fast
  • Fine-tune your security operations and maximise ROI

Securing Sensitive Data

The Securing Sensisitve Data engagement will help your organisation to understand where all of its sensitive data lives, and who has access to it – with a data risk assessment and compliance check.

As part of the engagment you’ll learn about Microsoft’s solutions for compliance and risk management, understand your data security risks priorities, and receive a detailed report with recommendations.

Key deliverables:

  • Identify your compliance gaps with a risk management assessment and ‘dark data’ check
  • Understand your compliance challenges and priotities – and discover the tools that can help you improve
  • Active demos of Microsoft compliance tools– including Information Protection and Data Loss Prevention
  • Detailed plan with recommended next steps

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