Award-winning Anna Webb: Cyber security changemaker

Gareth Hill

Published: 21 May 2024

Anna Webb is Kocho’s award-winning Head of Global Security Operations. Discover how Managed SecOps is transforming under her leadership. And how she’s helping shape cyber security’s next generation.  

“Stick to travel and tourism,” was the advice given to Anna Webb by the year tutor of her Computer Science degree back in the mid-1990s.

Thankfully, our Head of Global Security Operations chose to ignore this snippet of ignorance. But the words resonated in the mind as she stood in front of the packed auditorium of the Palace Hotel, San Fransisco. Host venue for the 2024 Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) Awards.

Moments earlier, Anna had been announced as the winner in the Security Changemaker category. A hugely prestigious award and testimony to the standing she’s attained across three decades in the industry.

“It’s a real accolade that I’m immensely proud of,” Anna said. “Not just because of the work I do with Kocho, but because it’s recognition of a personal contribution to the industry.”

Indeed, Anna has long been a staunch advocate for the cyber security sector. In her ‘day job’ she leads Kocho’s growing and successful Security Operations Centre (SOC). But away from the desk Anna is tireless in her efforts to encourage new talent to follow in her footsteps.

CISSP certified, Anna has become something of an inspiration and influencer for those looking towards a career in cyber security. With a particular drive to get more women into the sector.

She takes her role as a STEM Ambassador for CyberFirst for Schools seriously. And, in collaboration with the University of South Wales (USW), she can often be found giving talks and careers advice around local schools and colleges.

“I’m passionate about encouraging the next generation of cyber security specialists,” she said. “To inspire young people to look at this exciting, important industry. And to help create the diverse, skilled workforce we need to meet the challenges of the future.”

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I’m passionate about encouraging the next generation of cyber security specialists.

Anna Webb

Head of Global Security Operations, Kocho

It’s a philosophy that drives her role within the Kocho family and the way she and her team approach delivering best-of-breed service to our clients.

“Customer-centric is a term we hear a lot about these days,” she said. “This isn’t a new thing. But it’s not just about listening and giving the client what they want. It’s about really understanding what their issues, challenges, and objectives are and then offering recommendations based on our experience and expertise.”

While modern Managed SecOps needs to be underpinned by the right technology, Anna and her team never lose sight of the fact that success is driven by people.

“Clients come to us for our expertise,” she added. “Which is why it’s essential to build a foundation of trust. That’s how we’re able to deliver the best service and customer experience possible.”

This is the critical element in helping create true partnerships with Kocho’s Managed SecOps clients. Which means developing a team full of the right people, with the right skillsets. Both technical and in the way they communicate with the client.

“Recruiting the right people is vital, of course,” she said. “But it’s also essential to create an environment where they have space and support to develop. To continually learn and improve.

“And that’s not just the technical skills. It’s also about developing broader work-related skills that gives them the confidence to communicate with and advise our clients appropriately.”

Under Anna’s expert stewardship, Kocho’s Managed SecOps and broader managed security services has grown significantly in the past few years. A trend that continues into 2024 and beyond.

Cyber security is a fast-changing environment. The culture for continual learning creates a team that’s on the pulse when it comes to new threats, and the measures needed to keep our clients protected and productive.

Whether that be threat detection, a zero trust mindset, and the advantages offered by embracing AI and machine learning. All wrapped-up in faster onboarding, round-the-clock monitoring, day one identity protection, and the development of security-first cultures among our clients.

Find out more about the different services Anna and the Global SOC team offer to our partner clients around the world.

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