Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

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Your one-stop solution to protect your workforce’s devices. Identify endpoint vulnerabilities, defend devices against sophisticated threats – and keep your organisation secure.


Prevent, detect, investigate, and respond to advanced threats with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint.

A shift to hybrid working has seen the number and variety of devices connecting to your organisation’s network soar.

But as you struggle to keep pace with everything from BYOD to a post-COVID remote working ‘new normal’, malicious actors are taking advantage – exploiting vulnerabilities in your endpoints.

Unprotected devices effectively open the door and lay down the red carpet for attackers to enter your network.

You need intelligent threat detection that knows what to look for and how to respond.

With Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, you can operate securely knowing that you have the visibility and response power in place to keep threats at bay.

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Users are 71% more likely to be infected on an unprotected device.

Microsoft Digital Defense Report, 2020

It’s time to stop the exploitation of your endpoints

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint empowers your security team to see and stop device-based threats at scale.

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint helps you:

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    Gain visibility of unprotected endpoints across your organisations network(s) within minutes

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    Implement continuous, real-time advanced threat and vulnerability management (TVM)

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    Detect and remediate malicious activities fast – harnessing the power of automation

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    Stay one step ahead of hackers – industry-leading, next-generation Microsoft protection

Unprotected devices spell the endpoint

Unprotected devices often slip under the radar of security teams – providing low hanging fruit for a hacker seeking easy access to your network.


Your challenges:

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Many unknown and unmanaged devices accessing sensitive information and key resources.

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Limited or poor system integration introduces gaps in security and creates inefficiencies.

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Pace of change

It’s hard to stay on top of the latest security threats – let alone emerging risks and your exposure to them.

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You don’t have the manpower to deal with today’s advanced security threats at scale.

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There’s no endpoint to prevention, detection, and response

Ensure your organisation can respond to advanced threats with a single solution that covers your entire technology estate.

You’ll benefit from:

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Vulnerability management and threat analytics provide the monitoring and support you need to quickly trace – and stop – critical threats in your environment.

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Rapid security

Automation lets you rapidly transition from alert to remediation at scale. Alerts are investigated automatically – and complex threats are stopped in minutes.

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As a cloud-powered platform with no infrastructure to support, your security teams can make the most efficient use of their limited time.

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Industry-leading protection

Powered by the Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph, you’ll gain crucial insight into threats and shared signals across all of your devices, identities, and data.

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Cross-platform support

You’ll be covered on Microsoft server and desktop operating systems, plus Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS platforms.

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