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Exclusive Report: Security risks in the digital supply chain

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Why overconfidence in managed service providers (MSPs) puts businesses at risk. Plus, free MSP Security Checklist.

Our latest research reveals that as businesses increase their reliance on MSPs, there’s an alarming lack of due diligence and overconfidence in MSP security credentials.

The report, carried out by independent technology research specialist, Vanson Bourne, uncovers the cyber resilience of UK businesses digital supply chains. And highlights the implications of an ever-increasing dependency on MSPs.

We examine why so many businesses have blind faith in their IT partners’ security credentials.

And reveal why this is a problem – and what steps you can take to reduce your risk.

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Over 65% stated that their business would be unable to operate, or be severely impacted by a disruption to their MSP’s service.

Kocho / Vanson Bourne MSP Security Resilience Report 2023

Download the report and discover:

  • Why UK businesses are increasingly reliant on MSPs for business continuity

  • What organisations really value when awarding MSP contracts

  • The eye-watering amount of downtime incurred due to cyber attacks

  • What businesses always miss when assessing MSP security

  • The critical security questions you should ask your MSP

PLUS: Pick up a free MSP security checklist!

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Jacques Fourie

In this role as Director of Information Security, Jacques ensures our clients stay protected in an ever changing threat landscape. He works with our clients to understand their risk profiles and to deploy mitigation strategies using the latest technologies.

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