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Phishing Hacks: Empower your people to resist the bait

Discover the secret to making your employees your primary Intrusion Detection System.

A recent Gartner report identified that over 90% of cybersecurity functions have an phishing and threats awareness program, yet 69% of employees admit to intentionally bypassing security guidance in the past year.

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69% of employees admit to intentionally bypassing their enterprise’s cybersecurity guidance during the past year.

Gartner Insight Report

How do you address this gap and reduce the human risk of phishing for your organisation?

The answer? Make security awareness more engaging!

Watch our on-demand webinar and learn how:

  • Cutting-edge technology can create a more cyber-aware and engaged workforce.

  • To reduce the ‘human risk’ of phishing attacks with improved reporting.

  • To see and stop threats across your entire estate before they can do damage.

  • Hoxhunt’s gamified and AI-driven solutions are changing user behaviour for the better.

Expert speaker

Hoxhunt presenter

Petri Kuivala is an experienced CISO who led the establishment of the function at Nokia Corporation in 2008, where he later became CSO until 2012. He then established and oversaw the CISO function at NXP Semiconductors until 2021.

Petri has considerable experience in Mergers and Acquisitions, having worked with companies including Microsoft, Qualcomm, and Siemens.

He has also dealt with various security challenges, such as defending against Nation State attackers, corporate espionage, and OT-security catastrophes.

Petri has managed large-scale programs to secure company assets, including Crown Jewels, OT-Security, Supply Chain Security, and Cyber Security more broadly.

He currently coaches several start-up companies and was also a founding member of the Helsinki Police Department IT-Crime unit.