On-demand | 35-minutes

Who are you? Implement simple trustworthy identity verification

Find out how Microsoft Entra Verified ID can help you confidently streamline your secure identity verification and reduce admin.

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92% of organisations perform identity verification today, but 82% wish there was a better way…

Microsoft, 2022

Whether you’re looking to onboard new employees or grant least-privileged access to an app, Microsoft Entra Verified ID has your back.

Learn how to improve the experience for you and your users.

In this on-demand webinar, we show you how to set up Verified ID to:
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Simplify and safeguard employee onboarding

Users can share an ID, passport etc. without the need for physical or manual processes. Keeping the end-user in control of their own data.

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Secure info exchange with verifying organisations

Handle credit checks and user clearances with partners without the security overhang of sharing personally identifiable information.

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Reduce your compliance headaches

Take away the security and compliance problem of processing and storing personally identifiable information on your servers.

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PLUS New functionality coming to Verified ID

Including ‘limited time’ Verified ID access. Unlocking the ability to run innovative new approaches to award schemes and customer vouchers.

Bonus: If you already have an Azure Active Directory subscription, then Microsoft Entra Verified ID is FREE!

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Dee Bolt

Senior External Identity & IAM Consultant with Kocho