Identity Masterclass – Integrating HR Systems with your IDM System

Bridge the gap between HR and IT by solving identity and access headaches caused by HCM SaaS solutions

Cloud-based HCM systems and SaaS apps like Workday and ServiceNow help your HR and operations departments more easily manage employees, resources and access.

But they can also cause unexpected complications when it comes to integrating them with your existing identity and access processes.

In this webinar we outline the common challenges IT teams face when integrating HCM systems into the wider identity and governance ecosystem.

Watch this webinar to:

  • Learn how to properly integrate HCM systems with Azure AD

  • Discover unexpected complications of a SaaS app integration

  • Overcome challenging data quality complications

  • Ensure effective data governance and compliance

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Tom Urwin Smiling


Tom Urwin

Tom is one of Kocho’s dynamic and enthusiastic Identity Architects, focusing on Microsoft’s identity and security stack along with governance and compliance. He uses his experience and vision to turn client problems and ideas into long-term success.


Martyn Gill

Martyn is Kocho’s multi-talented Senior Architect and evangelist, providing the latest visionary best-in-breed solutions to our client’s business problems across multiple disciplines with technologies from our partners.