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Goodbye, Azure AD 😢 Hello, Entra ID ❤ A game changer for identity management? Grab your free Microsoft IAM Guide today and find out!

The Microsoft Entra ID Guide every IT pro needs.

Microsoft identity management is changing! Confused? Grab your Complete Guide to Microsoft Entra ID today.

Download your Microsoft Entra ID ‘cheat sheets’ and learn about:

  • Every tool and every feature in Entra ID
  • How Entra ID reduces management effort by 50%
  • Ways to cut admin and improve user satisfaction
  • The latest cutting-edge security controls

Master Microsoft Entra ID. Revealed: IAM tools that will save you time, simplify user access, and boost security.

It’s everything you need to know about Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure AD). Simple.

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Businesses using Entra ID benefit from a 123% ROI – and reduce their chances of a breach by 45%.

Forrester, Total Economic Impact Report, 2020

Download your 34-page guide to Microsoft Entra ID today.

Discover how Microsoft’s cutting-edge identity platform can help you:

  • Reduce management effort by 50% with IAM automation tools

  • Cut admin with self-service and single sign-on features

  • Integrate cloud IAM tools with on-premises Active Directory

  • Deliver cutting-edge security with MFA and conditional access

  • Provide login and collaboration experience users will love

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Confused by Azure AD vs. Microsoft Entra ID?

Find out what’s new and improved in the world’s leading multi-cloud identity and access management (IAM) solution.

Our guide to Azure AD (now Entra ID) will reveal why it’s the IAM of choice for over 300,000 organisations worldwide.

Discover the tools to transform your IAM strategy and maximise your ROI.

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Download your guide to Microsoft Entra ID today.

Unlock the secret’s behind Microsoft’s market-leading multi-cloud IAM solution.

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Download your comprehensive guide to Microsoft Entra ID

Your free guide will show you:

  • The secrets to achieving a 123% ROI
  • How Entra ID reduces breaches by 45%
  • Ways to improve management efficiency by 50%