Virtual Breakfast Briefing: Building a frictionless customer login experience

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  • 20 September 2023


  • 08:30 – 09:30
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Provide secure, hassle-free, sign-in and authentication experiences for your customers, and deliver a service they’ll remember for all the right reasons.

Learn how you can use Microsoft Azure AD B2C to create flexible customer single sign-on (SSO) and authentications that work across multiple platforms and brands, while providing unparalleled security and scalability.

Join our virtual breakfast briefing (with free breakfast provided) and learn how to:

  • Provide easy and on-brand login experiences for your customers

  • Simplify complex customer identity challenges

  • Protect customer identities and build user trust

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76% of customers admit they’d switch to a competitor if they have just one bad experience with a brand.

Acquia's Closing the CX Gap: Customer Experience Trends Report 2019

Learn how Microsoft’s leading customer identity solution (Azure AD B2C) can help you:

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Simplify access

Provide single sign-on (SSO) experiences and native login support for all the major social identity providers, including Facebook, Amazon, LinkedIn and more.

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Secure customer data

Add robust security controls, including built-in threat detection and multi-factor authentication (MFA). Offering peace of mind that customer identities are protected and secure.

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Integrate easily across websites and IDPs

Easily integrate with all technology stacks. Connect to your applications, your CRM system and website with ease.

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Save you money

Enabling users to manage their own profiles and passwords enhances their experience, whilst removing significant support costs for your organisation.

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Ensure scalability

You can rely on the ability to meet the demand of millions of users and billions of authentications every day – with the assurance that you’ll only ever pay for what you use.

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Marcus Idle

Marcus Idle is Kocho’s Head of External Identity. Marcus is passionate about bringing cloud and external identity to life to solve business problems for our clients.