Microsoft Teams

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Keep your workforce connected, engaged, and productive – whenever and wherever they choose to work.


Microsoft Teams: The workplace of the digital era.

Full-time, desk-based office workers are quickly being consigned to the history books. Digital transformation and a global pandemic have combined to compel many organisations to fast-track hybrid working.

There’s no going back. Employees are demanding flexibility and choice so they can decide when, where, and how they’ll get their work done.

But how do you keep your staff connected and engaged with work happening at different times and from different locations?

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Poor communications and collaboration solutions cost UK businesses over £7,500 per employee per year.

Workplace Productivity and Communications Technology Report, Vanson Bourne (Market Research)

Meet, chat, and collaborate – it’s virtually just as good!

Microsoft Teams brings your disparate workforce and partners virtually closer together, so you can speed up decision-making and get the job done!

Microsoft Teams helps you:

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    Communicate with clients and employees through chat, meetings, video, and calls

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    Improve collaboration between your network’s users through integrated Office 365 apps

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    Integrate third-party apps, processes, and devices to boost productivity and deliver a great UX

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    Keep your organisation protected and compliant with industry-leading Microsoft security

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    Save money – reduce meeting travel costs and the need for physical space and equipment

Don’t disconnect the people that matter most

Employee engagement dropped to 20% during the pandemic (State of the Global Workplace: 2021 Report, Gallup) – negatively impacting workplace culture, staff retention, and business performance.


Your challenges:

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Inability to receive timely responses, endless email threads, and too many unnecessary meetings.

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Files, requests, agendas, and actions are easily missed – split across emails and storage systems.

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Your video conferencing software has privacy and security issues. Files leave the network with limited controls.

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Staff never switch off – the cost of a meetings and email culture demands overtime to get work done.

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It’s a Teams effort

Microsoft Teams makes it simpler and easier for your people to work together in a fun, secure environment.

You’ll benefit from:

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Improved collaboration

Microsoft Teams is a hub to chat, meet, call, and work on files together – ensuring remote working doesn’t have a negative impact on relationships or productivity.

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Productive staff

Familiar apps like Word and PowerPoint allow multiple users to access and edit files in real-time – and if that’s not possible, updates are automatically provided on recent changes.

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Better meetings

Teams is equipped with features, options, and controls to limit the requirement for meetings – and to keep them focused and on track when there’s no better option.

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Account security

Multi-factor authentication (MFA), conditional access, Microsoft Endpoint Manager, and secure guest access keeps identities and accounts secure.

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Data protection

Encryption, data loss prevention (DLP), sensitivity labels and advanced threat protection continually protect your data from external threats.

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Reduced costs

Cut down on travel costs. Utilise apps and bots to automate business processes, including recruitment, onboarding, and expenses, so your team can focus on the work that matters most.

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